Hey y'all! I'm Skye and I believe in three things: living a simple life, running a savvy business, and having sound finances! I've been blogging and running my own business for over ten years now and I've gained a lot of knowledge that I am here to share with YOU. Learn how to perfect and balance these three aspects of your life and it will trickle out into every other area of your life, like your marriage, parenting skills, and relationships!

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Simple, Savvy, & Sound

I've spent the better part of my life trying to make everything perfect. Have the perfect house, be the perfect wife, run the perfect blog, grow the perfect business, and be the perfect mom. This has left me feeling nothing but exhausted and disappointed in myself. Why? Because it literally is not possible!

I finally learned that simple trumps perfection every single time and now I'm on a mission to share this mantra with you, in hopes that it will help change your life, give you more balance (which is NOT a myth), and improve your relationships with your family and friends exponentially!

Simple Life

There is no formula or webinar I can teach that will help you discover your simple life. That is something that you have to do for yourself. I can help guide you along the way by showing you some things that we have incorporated but you have to be the champion and make the decision to do it! Here are some of the keys we have implemented that help us live a simple life!

No comparisons! Our lives are all SO different and require SO many different things, that comparing my life to yours, or your life to theirs, is nothing but a bit letdown waiting to happen. So I gave up comparing how we do things to how other people do things, and whether it was better or worse. How we do things work for US and that is all that matters.

Less stuff! I am a minimalist at heart so clutter literally makes me hyperventilate! We are still working through this part, because my husband is a stuff-a-holic, but our goal is really only to have what we need, and to need less and less every day so that we can really focus on our relationships more than our stuff.

Simple Meals! I love to cook but at this stage in our lives, complicated or fancy meals are just not happening. We stick to mainly five ingredient or less meals that take less than a half hour to prepare because I would rather focus my time on other things right now - like having time to let Jett play outside before the sun goes down!

And That's Okay! This is my mantra these days. We are living on a very tight budget, and that's okay! We don't have a brand new car or a fancy house, and that's okay! Try adding this to the end of the next sentence that feels like it limits you and see what happens.

Sound Finances

We live on a cash flow plan that we put together every single month. I know it sounds like a lot of work, but we've been doing it for a year now so it is pretty easy at this point. But getting it set up changed our worlds and made our spending decisions SIMPLE to make. "Is it in the budget?" is a really easy way to determine if we can afford something rather than "is there enough money in the bank?"

We are making decisions today that will affect the financial state of the rest of our lives and Jett's too - so having sound financial decisions is really important to us right now! Some of the things we do may not make sense to other people, or you, but that's okay! And if you want to have a sound financial future, and I'm assuming you do because you're here, then let me help show you how by teaching you how to have a sound financial present!

Savvy Business

If you're a small business owner, let me start by giving you a big, huge hug and telling you that YOU'RE DOING SOMETHING AMAZING! It is hard, and it is scary, and it is definitely exhausting, but it is so worth it. And the good news is, when you work for yourself, you have no ceiling to your success. You can literally grow it as much as you want and make as much as you want, but you have to learn how to run a savvy business.

I've been running my own business PLUS helping other women run theirs for years and all of this experience has taught me so much about being efficient, where to invest your money, and how to grow a business that is savvy from the start!

I hope you're excited to join me on this journey to a simple, savvy, and sound life. I'll be here with you every step of the way, offering advice, tips, and encouragement to keep you going! Be sure to check in with me via email or on Instagram if you have any questions because I love to share knowledge with you!!
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