Hey y'all! I'm Skye and I believe in three things: living a simple life, running a savvy business, and having sound finances! I've been blogging and running my own business for over ten years now and I've gained a lot of knowledge that I am here to share with YOU. Learn how to perfect and balance these three aspects of your life and it will trickle out into every other area of your life, like your marriage, parenting skills, and relationships!

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Hi! I'm Skye, the sole author of Skye McLain: Simple Life, Sound Finances, Savvy Business.

You'll find posts here about my family, business advice and experiential tips, our debt free journey, and any other randomness that pops in to my head. My posts are all written based on experience and my advice or information may not work for everyone but is what worked for me.

I'd love for you to share your thoughts on anything that I write by leaving a comment on any post but I do reserve the right to delete that comment based on the content in that comment. This post is a reflection of who I am, and first and foremost that is a Christian, an empowered business woman, and a happy wife and mother. Comments that are bullying or offensive to me or my audience will be removed.

I do use Google analytics to gather information about who visits this blog, where you came from, your country of residence, etc.  Your information will remain private and not be shared with anyone for any amount of money because your privacy is important to me, as mine is to me.

I do not accept sponsors, sponsored posts, text links, or ad exchanges at this time. I also do not currently accept offers for hosting giveaways. Occasionally I will use an affiliate links to share a product that I use and love. If you click on that link and shop, I will make a small percentage of the sale.

All content and images provided on this blog is protected by copyright and may not be used without my permission anywhere else. If you'd like to reuse my content please contact me.
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