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Friday Faves

End your week on a high note with some Friday Faves! 

Happy Friday friends! In the spirit of FRIYAY I wanted to just share some highlights from my week and see how your week was too! Sometimes when a week is super long, it is good to just remember the good things, file away the bad things, and move forward, right?  So here are some of my favorite things from this week!

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Friday Faves

1. This lip balm. I received the first pot of it as a freebie at Create & Cultivate in Atlanta and I love it soooo much. That pot lasted me over a year, with daily use, so it is definitely worth the price! I restocked last week and also grabbed the tube to keep in my purse so I can wear it on the go. PSST: The lip scrub is bomb too and I can't wait to try the mask!

2. BOOK CLUB! I have never been a part of a book club before, and I was a little leery of dedicating another of my weeknights away from the fam, but hanging out with new friends, having a glass of wine, and having real discussion about real life stuff has been so so good for my spirit. We are reading this and following along with the author's FB Live videos each week. She is hilarious and we all want to be her BFF.

3. My InstantPot. Guys seriously, I have no idea how I lived without this genius kitchen invention for the last 34 or so years. (Okay - 20 - I'm guessing I wasn't really cooking most nights before I was 14). This is the one I have (I got it as a Christmas gift - easily the best Christmas gift OF ALL TIME) and I don't even put it away anymore. I've made chili, venison fajitas, shredded chicken, macaroni and cheese, swedish meatballs, all kinds of roasted veggies... You name it, I've googled how to cook it in the InstantPot. GET YOU ONE!

4. My Woobie - Okay this is definitely a family thing - but we all have a blanket that we refer to as our woobie and it is our own personal snuggle station. With the temps in the 40s this week, partnered with rain, let's just say I've done a lot of work from underneath my woobie. I cannot get over how soft this blanket is and boom, less than $20. Win.

5. These Leggings - If you're not aware of the amazingness of these live-in leggings, please allow me to introduce you. I've all but given up on regular jeans and have started exclusively shopping for tops that will pair well with these because I do not ever want to take them off. High-waisted, thick fabric, slimming - what is not to love?

6. My New Lip Color - I've been a user & fan of LipSense for a little over a year now. I love a bold lip color but I love to rub my lips together and let's just say - any time I used to wear red lipstick it ended up everywhere but my lips. (I'm talking end of my nose, tip of my chin... so annoying). Anywho, while I know LipSense does not work for everyone it works really well for me and I love it! I am loving this new color - it is called Honey Rose - it is the perfect every day color that goes well with anything! Leanne is my resident LipLady if you want to try it out!

7. This SuperBowl commercial - hands down my favorite by a LONG shot.

What are some of your faves this week? Moments, products, books, tv-shows, movies, jokes - anything! Share them with me in the comments below!

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