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How to Curl Short Hair

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When you have short hair, curling it can be super tricky and hard to get the hang of. I mean - it took me 35 years to learn how to do mine properly (and I have a cosmetology license!) In any case, I've figured out the trick that helps me get a nice wave in my short hair and I'm here to share it with you today!

How to Curl Short Hair

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I love my curling iron. The main reason is because it has a clamp and, like I mentioned in the video, that helps me control my hair while it is curling and keeps it from burning my fingers! I also love the loop in the end that you can do two things with: (1) use it to hang and store your curling iron in your cabinet and (2) use it to rotate the curling iron easily with one finger!

I have been using the same kind of hairspray for basically forever - I'm sure there is better stuff out there but this has always worked well for me so I stick with what I already know!

Some other tips for curling short hair!

1. If you want a looser wave, you can also grab more hair in each section. I would not recommend using a bigger curling iron for a looser wave with hair that is shoulder length or shorter. Instead just grab a little more hair in each section.
2. If you have super thick hair, consider shaving the portion underneath in the back - I have the back of mine shaved up to the top of my ears and it makes my hair so much easier and faster to fix!
3. For a less defined, messier looking curl, straighten the ends of your hair before curling it and leave the ends out of the curling iron.
4. Follow the growth of your hair. If you're blessed with a double crown or a whorl (if you have one of these, you know what I'm talking about), curl the sections of your hair towards each other rather than away to help cover that split in your hair.

Let me know what questions you have after watching this!

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AHHH! It has been so much fun to see you guys using this tutorial! Here are a few gals who have shared their "after" with me once they watched this video - gorgeous!

If you found this tutorial helpful, I would love if you shared it! Use the image below to pin it to your favorite hair tutorial board!

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