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Budget Update: February 2017

Here is the latest in our debt free journey! If you're interested in more about our debt free journey, you can read all of our budget updates here! If you're looking for a quick way to start making changes in your finances, download my free Five Day Money Makeover challenge and apply these five principles to your finances to start getting back on track today!

Here is a reminder of what we are working with:


  • Best Buy Credit Card: $441.23
  • Student Loan #1: $859.03
  • Spark Business Card: $1,409.59
  • Barclay Credit Card: $2,377.31
  • Student Loan #2: $2,939.64
  • Student Loan #3: $4,464.77
  • Student Loan #4: $4501.44
  • Capital One Credit Card: $4,911.49
  • Student Loan #5: $5,427.62
  • Student Loan #6: $9,772.15
  • Car Loan: $6,800
 Total: $43,912.99


As of March 10, we have paid off another student loan and on February 28, we paid off our CAR!!!!!


  • Capital One Credit Card: $4,352.36
  • Student Loan #6: $7,303.53
Total Remaining: $11,655.89


Back in January, I paid off the last of my own personal student loan. Most of what we had were Chris' since he had private school for undergrad AND graduate school and he took out loans for most of it. Yikes. Not recommended. But I clearly remember the feeling when I logged in to my student loan server (Navient - BYE FELICIA) and realized that it was the last time I would ever have to do it ever. It felt like I lost 20 pounds and I sat in my computer chair crying, realizing that I was doing something I thought was absolutely beyond impossible. I've always joked saying that my children would have to roll me in the wheelchair to the post office at the nursing home to make my final payment. And now, it is GONE. Forever. FORRRREVVVVVERRRRRRRR. Again I say - Bye Felicia!

And then in February, I started adding up everything and doing some calculations and realized that we could pay off our car. I've never written a check that large y'all. How many people do you know that have a paid for car? Our car isn't new or fancy but it is reliable, and I'm really picky about keeping it clean so it is in really good shape inside and out. And now I can drive it for years without a payment.

Just breathe that in - how much flexibility would you have in your budget if you didn't have a car payment? The average car payment is about $500/car. For most families - that is about $1000/month going out in a car payment. Think of all the amazing things you could do if you didn't have a car payment. CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE?

Those are two HUGE wins for us since the last update. To be down to our last two debts and be so close to the finish, is just incredible.

I write all this, and share our story, because I honestly thought we would never be able to do this. I am totally one of those "oh we can never do that, but congratulations on your success!" kind of people. I'm not writing this to brag or show off or make anyone feel guilty. I feel it is important for me to share it so that you say to yourself "Okay - if this family can get out of debt, we definitely can too".

Are you stuck in a rut with your finances? Do you constantly feel overwhelmed by money problems? Do you feel like you can never get a handle on your money? Let me encourage you to take my five day challenge to jump-start your financial goals! You'll learn:

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2. How a cash flow plan can set you free
3. How to set long term and short term goals

Plus learn how to evaluate your income and make it work harder & smarter for you!

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