Hey y'all! I'm Skye and I believe in three things: living a simple life, running a savvy business, and having sound finances! I've been blogging and running my own business for over ten years now and I've gained a lot of knowledge that I am here to share with YOU. Learn how to perfect and balance these three aspects of your life and it will trickle out into every other area of your life, like your marriage, parenting skills, and relationships!

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Plan Your Blog a Year in Advance + Free Download

One of the best ways to get the most out of your time as a blogger is to approach it with a well thought out plan. A Year at a Glance blog planner can help you see your blog and it's content all at once! Keep reading to get your free Year at a Glance blog planner!

Year at a Glance Blog Planner

It can be very overwhelming as creatives to have way more ideas than time, a constant flow of content to try and organize, as well as plan for all of the execution of said content: photography, putting the post together, and social media coverage. If you don't have a plan to tackle everything, it can quickly get out of hand!

I've found that there is a great way to manage and curate all the ideas in your head into a lovely way that not only makes it easy for you to organize everything but will also make sense to your reader and keep them coming back for more!

Plan out your year in advance and theme your months.

Regardless of the kind of blog you have, adding a theme to your monthly editorial process is a very easy way to get all of the content organized and planned and helps you keep your content organized so that it makes sense to your audience as well! When you think of a great post idea, you decide what theme it falls under and schedule it for that month!

Not only does it help streamline your overall blogging schedule but it also gives you a little freedom for lots of creativity as well! You have the ability to plan in advance (more time = more time for ideas!) and you can stay ahead of the curve with content too - publishing seasonal content a month or so in advance gives it time to build some SEO power and Pinterest time too - which will mean more traffic to your blog. Nobody is complaining about that!


Next time you sit down to brainstorm content, have your year at a glance planner on your desk too and as you come up with all that amazing content, you can instantly give it a timeline too!

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