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CURRENT OBSESSION: blendSmart Makeup Brush

One of the sponsors at Thrive Blog Conference this year was blendSMART and it was so fun to get to meet and hang out with them at the Friday night party! They are introducing this amazing new makeup brush at Sephora TODAY and I wanted to give you guys a quick "out of the box" reveal of my brush, which I purchased right after the conference because I couldn't wait to try it!

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This is literally a "makeup for dummies" tutorial because I am not a beauty blogger but I thought that would give you guys a real sense of how easy it is to use!!! I also talked to Lori who represented blendSMART at the conference, about answering some of the questions from my live unboxing I did on Periscope.

Here are the answers to some of the questions:

Are the heads washable? 

The brush heads are washable! Just take off the handle and wash it with soap and water or dry brush cleaner from Sephora. Make sure to lay it on it's side to dry.

Tip: Buy a second makeup brush to use while your first one dries! They recommend washing it once a week, which is pretty standard for your makeup brushes!

What other heads are available?

You can also purchase a powder brush and a blush brush. The brush I used in the video was a foundation brush, which can be used for both powder or liquid foundation. The blush brush is really great for setting powder or mineral powder and the powder brush works great with both loose or pressed powder.

Also coming out later this year are a bronzer brush, a buffing brush, a detail brush, and a contour brush!

What about the eye brush? 

The eye brush is coming later but it will be a different handle with it’s own brush head

Tips for using your new blendSMART brush!

Dot the liquid foundation around your face (rather than putting it directly on your brush) and use the foundation brush to blend it.

You can also dot on your concealer on your face and use the foundation brush to blend that as well.

From Lori: "I also add concealer all over my eye and CLOSE my eye and then blend with the foundation brush." 

This is something I would really like to try because I always feel like my eyes seem so hooded and darkly colored - especially those giant bags under my eyes! Ha!

All in all, I give the blendSMART brush a thumbs up and if you are a makeup brush junkie, you should definitely add this to your collection! It is great for a natural looking makeup application. You can find it at blendSMART OR get it on Sephora!

Many thanks to Meg Hawley for the wonderful images!


  1. Woah, the heads are washable? How awesome is that? I need to get myself one of these brushes!

  2. Skye, I need this like I need a hole in the head, but I seriously cannot stop watching beauty videos to find new products. Thank you for sharing this, ordering now! :)

  3. I don't use makeup and not because I'm all stuck on natural crap, I'm just horrible at it haha This got me pumped to try using it again!

    1. Our product is perfect for everyone with or without makeup skills! :)

  4. The brush sounds amazing! Thanks for the tip. Also, love your necklace in the Katch/Scope.

  5. I have never heard of blendmart but the brush looks so soft and light I would love to test it out. Looks good.

  6. I never ever wear makeup, I wonder if this would help? Lol!

  7. This sounds really awesome! I have never heard of it before but now I really want to give it a try!

  8. oo this looks really good - I am terrible at make-up in general but this looks like it could really help me out! Thanks for introducing it!

  9. I've not seen this before. I could do with some blending help. Great post.

  10. I love a good brush and this looks like one. I might have to buy this!!

  11. I saw this on another blogger's snapchat after Thrive! It looks really interesting, I'd love to try it!

  12. I need to get my hands on this brush! I used to have a really nice set of make up brushes until my 5 year old got her hands on them... now they are used for painting. GRR!!

  13. Sounds like an amazing product. I love how cosmetic industry always comes up with new, exciting things to try. The trip to Sephora is never boring.

  14. I would love to have a brush like that. I bet it works really well.

  15. I really like quality make up brushes. It makes a big difference. This sounds like a great product.

  16. Ooooo this makeup brush sounds fantastic!!! I so need to get my slef one of these!

  17. sounds awesome!! i need to invest.

  18. I'm all for trying new makeup tools, and this brush seems worth checking out. I have to update my current ones. It's been too long. :/


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