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2016 Goals Update

2016 is the year of adulting for me. Making goals and sticking to them is the ultimate plan and two months in I'm not doing too bad! Recording the progress on here is helping me stick to them so here is any update on where we are! See the original post about my goals for 2016 here.

2016 Goals

  • Pay of $18,000 in debt
  • Create a healthy morning routine
  • Walk 500 miles
  • Have all income tax info prepped and ready to send on 2/1
  • Create photo yearbooks for the McLains
  • Grow Your Texas is Showing
  • Blog 10-12 times each month
  • Make some local friends
Pay of $18,000 in debt

As of February 29, our total debt paid down for the year was  $5087.16 so I'd say we are well on our way with this goal! Only $12,912.84 left to go!

Create a healthy morning routine

We definitely have a routine happening around our house but I don't know if you'd call it necessarily healthy. I still get up around 4:30 but I don't think I'm actually incorporating anything healthy that is going to count towards a healthy morning routine. If you have any suggestions, I'm open to them!

Walk 500 Miles

Womp womp. Total real, dedicated miles walked? 3. Its okay I have the rest of the year to make that happen.

Have all income tax info prepped and ready to send on 2/1

I didn't have it sent in on 2/1 (still was waiting on a couple of forms) but I emailed it all to our accountant on February 10, so I'm calling that a MAJOR WIN. It feels SO GOOD to have all that ish done already!!!

Create photo yearbooks for the McLains

So I started going through photos to start on this and I realized that we don't really have any photos for the first few years of our marriage that I want to put in a book so I'm going to start one this year for 2015.  I want to have it finished by the end of April!

Grow Your Texas is Showing

I want to call this a huge disappointment but really it is a growth personally. I've decided that while we are getting out of debt to put this on the back burner for a few months. God spoke to me in the bathroom at Financial Peace University (man He meets us in the weirdest places) and basically assured me that it is okay to press pause on something so you can come back to it later when you have more mental, physical, and financial capacity to devote to a project. So, for now, this is off the list. But later it is on like donkey kong. ;)

Blog 10-12 times each month

BOOM. Done. And, I'm still going! That is the major win! Woot!

Make some local friends

I'm still working on this. Making friends is really hard - it is like dating but a million times trickier for sure! I joined a Bible study at my church that is specifically for women who are new to the Spring area and I've met a few people through there who are in my same spot in life (small kids, young mama, new to the area, etc) so that is a good start!

All in all - I'm pretty happy with how things are going! How are your goals? How are you tracking them and making sure you can keep up with them?

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