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My Favorite Essential Oil Diffuser Blends

Getting started with essential oils can be super-overwhelming! I got my starter kit in the mail and ripped it open and then sort of stared at the contents with total fear, wondering what the heck I was going to do with all of it now that I had it... You get so many "things" - every day oils to use, samples, a little roller ball... It was all just a bit too much so I just shut the box and waited a few days. I sure wish I had known better - and know what I'm about to share with you!

The easiest way to get started with your new collection of essential oils is truly simple! Take the diffuser out of your kit, put some water in it, a few drops of oils, and turn it on! Boom, you're now instantly enjoying the benefits of essential oils in your home!

How does your diffuser work? Diffusers work by breaking down the essential oil into micro molecules then projecting them into the air to fill a room or work space. As the oils break down they release natural ozone and, freshen and improve the quality of the air! (source) Depending on the oil you choose, you will get different benefits, but they all are great at freshening your air and creating a healthier environment in your home! It is also a great way to learn which oils you love the smell of and which ones you need to mix with another oil to help mask the smell a bit. ;) Some of the oils are pretty uhh... fragrant and can be overwhelming to the senses at first!

Here are some of my favorite blends for my diffuser!

Clean House Blend: While I'm cleaning my house, I put 6 drops of Purification and 4 drops of Lemon into my diffuser and let it run. It clears the air of any lingering odors (like that bacon we fried for dinner last night) and the citrus makes it smell like I just pledged my entire house! I swear my air has never been fresher!

Purification Tip: put a few drops on a cotton ball and put it in the bag of your vacuum cleaner while you vacuum the house.

Oh Happy Day Blend: Let's face it - there are just days when you are blah and you don't want to do anything, right? That is when I put this blend of Joy™ and Spearmint (or Peppermint if you have that) in the diffuser! I do about 5 drops of each and let it run! The Joy™ helps lift my spirit and the spearmint or peppermint makes it smell a little better plus gives me a push of energy as well!

Joy™ Tip: Mix one drop of Joy™ with a drop of a carrier oil (like coconut oil, almond oil, etc.) and put it over your heart.

Spa Day Blend: Man, oh man. This is probably one of my favorites! We had a family reunion this summer and Jett and my cousin's daughter Boo were sharing a room and I diffused this all day in there before they went to bed and my cousin said "man it smells like a baby spa in here!" and that is exactly why I love it! Peace & Calming™ is like a vacation in a bottle and Lavender is widely known for its soothing, sleep-inducing properties. Mixing these two creates the perfect calm, restful atmosphere!

Peace & Calming™Tip: When the bottle is empty, fill it up with a carrier oil and pop a roller ball in there. I give this to Jett every day on our way home from daycare and he covers himself in it! Arms, legs, neck, and chest! It has certainly created calmer evenings in our house.

Vacation Blend: If you think Peace & Calming™is great with Lavender, wait until you diffuse it with Stress Away™! It takes a simple spa day to an entire vacation! ;)

Stress Away™ Tip: I love this one straight, no dilution, on the soft spot behind my ears while I'm working. It helps keep me calm and focused when I'm dealing with a lot on my work plate.

Emotional Balance Blend: Valor is amazing for emotional balance! It helps me feel empowered and uplifted. Frankincense keeps me grounded and purposeful, and lavender calms and soothes! The combo of these three is like an emotional powerhouse!

Frankincense Tip: Frankincense is amazing for your skin! Add a drop to your nightly moisturizer!

Holiday Blend: Even in the middle of the summer, sometimes you just want a little bit of Christmas spirit, right? I love to blend these three - it is like sitting by a warm fire at Christmas with dried fruits hanging on the mantel and something warm baking in the oven! So so good!

My diffuser is literally running almost all day, every day. It is such a great tool to have for your oils since it is the quickest and easiest way to put them to use right out of the box! What are some of your favorite blends for your diffuser?


  1. This is very informative article you shared here. I have read many articles on essential oils diffuser. But most of them are not as rich as you. You explained the easiest way of getting essential oils diffuser. Thanks a lot for sharing this.

  2. Very Nice post.I have read some excellent stuff here.It is a pleasure reading it.Thanks a lot for sharing this information with us all.

  3. This is really great. I'm a nutritionist and I really enjoy essential oils! I use them when I work with clients. My hubby uses them too on his belly when he has an upset stomach. I use them to help me fall asleep at night and stay grounded! I love em!

  4. Fundamental oils diffusers help individuals in their day by day lives. A few people utilize them to battle against maladies or medical problems. Some utilization them to clean the air they relax.


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