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Tips for Traveling Light: How to Pack a Carry On

Tips for Traveling Light: How to Pack your Carry On 

See the first post in the Tips for Traveling Light series here.
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Let's talk a little more about travel. I shared my tips for traveling light in my last post but today I want to share exactly what I pack and how I pack it so you can see that it is indeed possible to never have to pay to check your luggage ever ever again!

(1) My Typical Wardrobe

Simplify your travel wardrobe to a mini capsule that you can mix and match and create a ton of outfits from a few simple pieces

This is what I would normally bring with me when traveling. The only thing not pictured is my blazer, which I usually wear on the plane but I will show you how to pack it below to take up virtually no room in your suitcase!

Left to Right we have:
  • Nude tank top to wear under anything possibly see through
  • Light Skinnies
  • Dark Skinnies
  • Colorful graphic tank
  • Solid Color Tee
  • Solid Color Tank
  • Striped Tee
  • Gray Tunic
  • Pajama Pants/Shirt
  • Undies (Don't ever forget your undies! I've roomed with people who did - it happens!)
With this I've a potential of 6-8 different outfits I could pull out and by sticking to my mini-capsule wardrobe, I know I'll look pulled together and be comfy the whole time!

(2) The Importance of Bundle Packing

I'm going to show you why I bundle pack in one simple picture:

Learn to bundle pack and fit more clothes in less space! Hint: More room for shoes!

Yes. That is all of my clothes, including the blazer you did not see pictured above, in one tiny, nice, neat little 13" x 13" bundle that is about the same depth as my suitcase. I'm telling you, bundle packing is the way to go. Learn how here.

(4) The Plastic Baggie

First, forget the zip-lock baggie and invest in a Rume bag for your security screened liquids, gels, and soaps. You can fit way more in these bags, plus they are TSA approved even though they are not see through, if you have something you want to travel with that maybe you don't want to announce to the entire TSA staff. ;)

What to pack in your TSA-approved baggie!

Here is what goes in mine:

  • Essential Oils
  • Dry Shampoo
  • Mascara/Concealer
  • Deodorant
  • Toothpaste
  • Contact Solution
  • Contact case with Day/Night Moisturizer
  • Contact case with Hair Product
  • Chapstick
  • Lip Gloss
  • Lash Glue
  • *Not picture: My facewash, which is a travel size container of Peter Thomas Roth, and I'm freaking out because I cannot find it.
While I go through security, this bag stays in my tote so I can easily pull it out and put it in the bin. Once I get through security, I get out what I need for the flight and put the rest in the suitcase so I don't have to carry it on my shoulder since it can get a little heavy if I have to walk around with it all day.

(4) The Toiletry Bag

Keeping my toiletries organized is a big timesaver for me while I'm traveling so I always keep them in this handy Thirty-One tote. With zippered clear compartments, handy loops, and a strap I can hook to a towel bar easily, this little bag is a dream for someone like me who likes to keep their life and their travel things in their place!

Keep your toiletries organized and ready to go in a Thirty-One organizer

Top Compartment:
  • Nutrogena Face Wipes
  • Razor (Yes, you can carry these on! I do it all the time!)
  • Travel Q-Tip case (Which I stock with Q-tips, bobby pins, and one hair tie)
  • Lash Strips
Middle Compartment:
  • Glasses and Contact case
  • Eyebrow Pencil
  • Eyeliner
  • Concealer Brush
Bottom Compartment:
  • Powder
  • Blush
  • Brushes
  • Tweezers
A lot of my packing success comes from the fact that I have really pared down what I consider essentials when I travel. You can see my must haves here.

(4) Packed, with Room to Spare

How to pack your carry on

I pack everything in the main body of my suitcase, including my trusty gray booties and my flat iron. Keep in mind that I also have an outfit that I'm traveling in and I usually wear a cute pair of flats for a second shoe option and tuck a pair of flip flops in the front zipper pocket of my suitcase. I could survive for at least 4-5 days on this suitcase if I had to!

Next I'll share why I travel with those oils and my favorite way to transport them!

How to Pack Your Carry-On: Never pay for checked baggage again! Pack everything you need for any trip into a carry on!

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