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Let's be real. I want to live in Hawaii. Along with everyone else in the world. Specifically, I want to live in Maui, in Ka'anapali and drive a tour group along the road to Hana every day and look at the gorgeous waterfalls and amazing scenery. Because who doesn't want to do that?

We went to Hawaii with my Dad and Kay and our friends Doniece and her fiance David to do their wedding in November of 2014. I just like to wait a year to share things with yall because that is how I roll. One of the perks of being a deacon is you get to do the fun locations weddings every once in a while and get a nice little trip to Hawaii. Sign me up!

I served as the wedding photographer, and I use that term very loosely, but I did get some pretty nice shots from their wedding!

It is pretty darn hard to take any kind of ugly picture in Hawaii. Everything there is basically in HD - the colors are so vibrant and it is all just breathtaking - all the time.

We did all of the touristy-type things: We spent the first day adjusting to the time change on the beack with fruity drinks, we drove all the way around the island on the Road to Hana tour with our hilarious guide and saw the black sand beaches, we attended a traditional luau, we ziplined down a mountain... I can now go back and do absolutely nothing and feel as though I've still done it all. ;)

Let's go back soon. :)

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