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preparing for blissdom: last minute link party!

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blissdom is a week away folks. ONE WEEK AWAY! AHHHHH. i've been in 100% prep mode for the last 48 hours meaning i've done....


okay well except for take this ridiculous picture. i did do that.

that isn't entirely true i suppose. we have a roomie chat tonight (can't wait to meet these gals: leanne {actually i know her but whatever, can't wait to see her!}, jamie, and joyce). i am getting a hair cut and a pedicure. and this concludes my list of getting ready for blissdom.

super prepared right?

i have read a few articles on how to prepare for blissdom but as far as doing any of the stuff these suggest i'm not doing so well. here is what i've read so far:

Blue Cricket Design: Heading to a Blog Conference
The Pixel Boutique: 10 Quick & Easy Ways to Prepare for Blissdom
Live Laugh Rowe: Blissdom Bound: Preparing for a Blog Conference
The Small Things Blog: Benefits of a Blog Conference
Musings of a Housewife: Fashion Friday: What to Wear to Blissdom
Stilettos & Diapers: Blissdom Prep: What to Wear
Simple Mom: What to Wear to Blissdom

so instead of packing or doing anything productive, i thought i'd try and read up some more on getting ready for blissdom, tips for getting the most out of it, and what to wear. do you have a post you'd like to share with me? i'd love to read it and share it with the blissdom community - especially all the newbies! or hey, just introduce yourself so when i see your face in the sea of people i will recognize a few folks!

link up your posts about anything blissdom related below!


  1. Skye, how did I not know you were going to Blissdom? YAY! Can't wait to meet you IRL! xoxo

    1. YAY!! I didn't know you were going either!! I haven't had much time to talk about it much on here, what with all the work I have to do! ;) Can't wait to meet ya! xoxo

  2. Love your blog; looking forward to meeting you at Blissdom!
    I have a couple of blog conference prep posts on my blog right now:

    1. Thanks!! And thanks for sharing the link to your blog - off to check it out now! :)

  3. Thanks for this list of blogs to read about how to prepare & what to do at Blissdom. This will be my first time at this conference and I'm coming by myself, don't know anyone, & just a tad bit nervous. LOL

    Thanks again for this linkup!

    1. Hey Pamela!!! You will have such a good time - come find me!! @rinderceiia on twitter and instagram :)

  4. Hi Skye, thanks for doing the link up! See you on Thursday at Blissdom. WOOO!!

  5. I can't waaaaaaaaaaait for a Blissdom recap from you! Love seeing all your cute IG pictures :)


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