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10 reasons to wait until marriage to have a baby...

that have nothing to do with religious, moral, or ethical obligations.

so to say that pregnancy is something that affects only the woman in the relationship is like saying that there is a no peeing section in a pool. my husband is experiencing this pregnancy as much as i am, but in a completely different way. and honestly, if the man wasn't spiritually and legally linked to me i'm pretty sure he would have taken off already.

because pregnant people are cra-zay.

so here is why i think, aside from guilt-ridden obligations like your preacher or your grandmother's point-of-view (not that they aren't important) that you should wait until you have a loving, committed, marriage relationship before getting knocked up. ;)

1. pregnancy changes your body. and the first time you see a hair growing out of your nipple and express your serious concerns about this to your boyfriend, my guess is you will see a boyfriend-shaped-hole in your wall. and who could blame him? i don't think men choose women based on how long of a hair they can grow out of their breast.

2. you need to have someone to discuss the rate of occurrence of your bowel movements because they seriously become part of your daily concerns. you also need someone to bring your your phone without complaining when you sit down for #1 and the urge for #2 strikes because you learn to never let a moment like that pass you up.

3. at a certain point you can no longer do things like bend over, carry the laundry basket, or pour milk. i really though all that stuff about not lifting anything was ridiculous but it kind of becomes impossible and wears you out faster than you can ever imagine. so having a husband who will carry the laundry basket to the bedroom for you turns out to be heavenly.

4. a husband is contractually obligated to tell you that no matter how jiggly and cellulite-covered your behind is, he still loves you because you are a precious vessel now, carrying his unborn child and progeny.

5. having someone to safely transport your growing body in a vehicle becomes paramount to any other task. i cannot tell you how many times i thanked my husband over the holidays (when we put a little over 2,300 miles on our car) for safely driving me and my new little baby bump around without hitting other cars or complaining about being tired.

6. you also need someone who can stand up to the constant heavy sighs, obvious car door handle grabs, and complaining when he does take that corner a little to fast, tailgates someone unnecessarily, or (heaven forbid) goes over the speed limit in a school zone.

7. someone has to paint the nursery right? and put the crib together, and get excited over every baby onesie you look at in target, and discuss the pros and cons of cloth diapering.

8. he reminds you that all the dumb things you say during pregnancy are funny and should be recorded so you can remember to blog about it later!

9. when your husband sees your stomach move for the first time - nothing matches that. ever.

10. he tells you every day how proud he is of you for not freaking out about being pregnant and that you are going to make a great mommy.

husbands are the best - i'm not saying anything about boyfriends being bad. i happen to know a couple of girls who have babies with their boyfriends and they are great dads and supportive partners. but personally speaking, if i weren't married to me and i was having to deal with this whole new level of crazy, i'd be a little skeptical. that's all i'm sayin. :)

also - linking up with from my grey desk for H54F even though it's technically 10 things. ;) i don't think she will mind!


  1. This is epic and completely accurate. I hope you will consider doing a labor/delivery version. ;)

    1. L&D version - check! :) That is a good idea! I will have him take notes while I'm pushing! haha ;)

    2. You will be doing nothing but pushing when you're pushing! (Other things will happen, but not within your control! ;))

    3. Right - seriously the internet needs a sarcasm font! LOL :)

  2. Number 9 and 10!!! YES!!! Plus someone needs to understand that the scene in the wedding singer on the plane is sad - and won't make fun of you too much for crying over it.

    1. My goodness I didn't even think of the emotional implications!! A husband does need to cheer you up when you cry during Duck Dynasty!! :) thanks for stopping by Emily!!

  3. Loving this post! We haven't gone down this road yet, but I think you are right on target:)

  4. Ha ha, I don`t have any kids myself, but this seems so true! Someone needs to pick up food, help paint the nursery etc- noone should be expected to do that stuff while also sustaining another life!

    Some Snapshots Blog

  5. You are hilarious. I am 10 weeks along (surprise!) and agree with so many already. :)

  6. I'm lucky enough to have a boyfriend who still stuck around even though I had nipple hair and was crazy psychotic ;) This post cracked me up! So glad we're both lucky enough to have such awesome, caring, and sweet men in our lives!

  7. this made me giggle! i agree with you 100%
    just wait until baby makes their arrival. you'll have a million and one reasons why.
    being a mother is a fabulous thing, but having a husband is absolutely paramount in keeping your sanity. my daughter will be 6 months in a few days and i find myself thanking God everyday for my husband because i cannot imagine being able to do it any other way.

    ohh found you via living in yellow!


  8. Hi Skye! Love your blog:) I nominated you for the Liebster Award!


  9. Did I ever tell you the story about my big brother catching (with his camera) Jared's first time feeling P kick?


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