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maternity pants

maternity pants. tricky things, these are. i've been dreading actually having to wear them. hanging on to my unbuttoned skinny jeans for a couple of weeks now. constantly pulling my belly band over the waist to keep them pulled up and on my body so i didn't get saggy butt syndrome.

i don't know why exactly i was so against trying out some maternity pants. i guess it makes it real and as long as i can rock some regular jeans (button issue notwithstanding) then i still look "skinny" and don't look pregnant yet? and therefore i can pretend this isn't happening?

but tuesday, my belly band was in the washing machine and my skinny jeans were too stretched out to go without them. and i really couldn't wear pajama pants to work (seriously why not?) so i took a deep breath and grabbed the maternity pants off the hanger. they are just simple black work pants with the fabric waist thingy that pulls over my belly. why does this scare me so??

still quite skeptical of the whole situation i pulled them on and instantly: wow. these are the most comfortable pants in the world. why do i not wear maternity pants all the time? soft and stretchy and not constricting and they stay up without constant pulling and tugging and adjusting on my part. i sound like an old man comparing the benefits of sansabelt slacks at jc penneys.

which is why i didn't want to start wearing maternity pants.

have you ever noticed that we so easily slip into something comfortable and then it is really hard to get out of it? clearly i have a love for soft stretchy pants because they are comfortable and easy. i also really like my life routine. i do the same thing just about every day and i really like it that way. it is familiar and comfortable and doesn't stretch me or terrify me.

i've been thinking today how making the change from my familiar and comfortable jeans to these new and scary maternity pants is just the first of many ways my life is about to seriously seriously change. i let maternity pants terrify me into being uncomfortable and quite frankly, a little bitchy, because they were different and uncharted territory for me. but then once i took a deep breath and just put them on i found they weren't quite as horrible as i'd imagined. in fact, i'm quite in love with them on the whole.

the change from my familiar routine into this scary new one that is on its way is enough to make me throw in the towel and just call it quits! but the good news is you can't just voluntarily quit a pregnancy. (or rather - you can but i won't) so i'm pretty much stuck with these maternity pants and this new, unknown schedule, whether i like it or not. but i have a feeling that i will be able to slip right into this new lifestyle (with some bumps here and there no doubt) and find it to be way more comfortable than i thought it would be. :)


  1. I had the same reaction to maternity pants, but then once I put them on, I was in loooove. If I hadn't loaned all mine out to preggo friends, I'd probably still be wearing them! (Instead, I'm in yoga pants. So much dressier.)

  2. I think I had a pair of Old Navy maternity jeans that were SO awesome!
    they looked like regular jeans. no one knew they were maternity unless I lifted my shirt to show off that oh so sexy, oh so much more comfortable elastic band. I haven't been prego for 6 years now...but maybe they are still hip or hipper!?


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