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tuesday things

i like to make lists. if it wasn't obnoxious all my blog posts would be in a list format because its easy and that is how my brain thinks. but i'm going to limit it to one a week and make it my tuesday things list. you should join me because lists are fun. :)

1. it is nasty nasty nasty outside. and can i just say that people in the south (in my experience) have no business having to deal with icy weather, high winds, and the like? the temperature today is 33 and it is raining with the chance of an icy mix. all the schools are shut down, the bridges within the city are closed, and i'm pretty sure the stores are all out of batteries and bottled water. people just go crazy with cold weather here!


2. this weekend was super productive around my house. my dad came over and we got a bunch of stuff done to get us moving in the right direction towards having a place to put the baby when we bring Poke home! we hung our new tv and this nifty cord cover thing, put in a new programmable thermostat, ran a water line to our ice maker, and a few other small things to finish out the living room. there will hopefully be a post about my new living room soon! :)


3. one of my goals this year is to connect more and be present. i feel like things just got crazy with the last quarter of last year (launching a business and growing a baby right around the holidays will do that to you!) so this year i want to make more connections and nurture the ones i have already made. sending out love notes is part of that and i sent out my first batch of love notes last week! it was so fun to drop them in the mail knowing i was going to make someone smile when they got it!


4. i used to work at a coffee house and after the morning rush i would always snatch up the paper and work the crossword puzzle. i loved it - it was a great challenge for my brain and taught me to look at words differently. while dad was here and i was cleaning stuff out, i came across a clip board with crossword puzzles (incomplete) from 2010! so i grabbed the sunday paper and made myself snuggle on the couch with my dad and finish it. and it felt good!

5. this week i'm finally starting to feel what i think may be the baby swimming around in there. it is starting to get a bit weird/uncomfortable to sit down and feel my insides all move around to accommodate for my growing lady parts. i have another check up this week and i'm excited to see my doctor again - i really like her!

happy tuesday friends! :)

1 comment:

  1. Awe, sounds like things are going great for you Skye!! Can't wait to see all the new changes in your casa and I love the idea of randomly sending out happy mail. xoxox


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