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tuesday things

1. so i really thought i had a pretty good handle on these pregnancy emotions. i knew i had a mean streak (calypso) but i'm sitting here right now and here is a short list of things i feel:

pissed off
stressed out

i keep thinking that food will help level out these emotions - that somehow i feel all these things because i am hungry. but in the middle of eating a bag of cool ranch doritos (no shame) i forget why i was eating them to begin with and i get confused again and tear up.

i really suck a being pregnant.

2. i also realized over the weekend that i also suck at keeping all my plates spinning. because of the circus tent that has become my brain i'm unable to remember anything and when i do remember something i forgot why i was supposed to be remembering it in the first place. and then i eat peanut butter m&m's and forget what i forgot to remember altogether.

3. i love chuys. but more than chuy's i love these gals who i had a totally impromptu lunch with friday.

 photo chuyslunch_zps5f39fa30.jpg
kelli, abbie, me and amanda

we had such a good time playing with babies and chatting. we sat there for three hours and just gabbed on about boobs and Jesus and everything in between. chris was such a trooper because he sat through the entire meal and provided a lot of entertainment for us as well. :) oh we also ate a lot (and i mean an embarrassingly enormous amount) of creamy jalapeno sauce. so worth it.

4. this weekend we are hosting senior high human sexuality and morality seminar at our church. yes. methodists teach about sex. in a very frank way too. we teach that sex is a good gift, a powerful gift, and a God given gift that has a place in a loving committed marriage relationship. it is quite a lot of fun and i am excited to be attending as a pregnant woman because for the first time in my life, i will not be able to deny doing the deed. i will finally have to actually own up to being a sexually active adult and i'm not going to lie - i'm a little nervous about it. this is completely irrational. i know.

5. this week my main goal is to take pictures of our living room since we are halfway through making it over.

6. instagram will not let me upload pictures and it is seriously getting on my very. last. nerve. i've deleted and redownloaded it, updated my phone, done everything i can think of to fix it and it still just crashes when i pick my picture. any assistance friends? i'd ask you to follow me (@rinderceiia) but what is the point?

edit to add: of course today it starts working. NICE WORK INSTAGRAM MAKE ME A LIAR. hmph.

7. sometimes, i get in trouble for whispering about breast pumps during the children's sermon at church. oops.

8. i have found over the last week or two that i would really enjoy my part time job a lot more if it were socially acceptable to wear my purple polka dotted pajama pants and house shoes up here.

9. i'm trying really hard to take weekly belly pictures but here is the problem. according to my dates, my weeks change over on thursdays. i work from home on thursdays and don't take a lot of time to fix my hair and make up. plus, i look gassy and bloated. not pregnant. so i don't want to document this. so i'd rather wait until i at least look somewhat pregnant, and not like a really pissed off, really uncomfortable woman, with pregnancy acne like a 16 year old before their first prom. i'm going for starting this week since i am finally officially unable to button pants anymore.

10. and finally - girl scout cookies. i've ordered 12 boxes so far. is this too many? can someone please justify this? thank you.

off to have another bag of doritos. (so wish i was joking...)


  1. Hello Love! All of this is totally normal! :) And heck yes, justifiable to say that least - girl scout cookies kind of rock ;). I remember one afternoon Ryan made me lunch and forgot that stir-fry was making me nauseous and he handed me the bowl as I sat on the couch and full on started bawling. He kept asking what was wrong and I was like "I don't know!!!!!" I didn't want to hurt his feelings and I also knew that I was being a bit nuts - the poor guy meant well. For me it got better.
    I hear ya on the belly pictures too. I had a tough time taking them weekly, but I'm so glad that I did. Seriously. I remember feeling HUGE by like 17 weeks and then as I got further I could reference the other photos and laugh at how small my little bump was comparatively! :)

  2. Girl you do not suck at being pregnant, in fact you sound quite typical! And it will all be worth it in the end. :)
    I loved your comment "we talked about everything from boobs to Jesus." I had so much fun! Chuy's forever! lol

  3. HAHA! We talked about even more than that, didn't we? I loved getting so spend time with y'all! Let's do it again!


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