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dear poke

dear poke,

i think i started feeling you moving around in my belly today. i've heard it will feel like flutters or popping popcorn or butterflies but so far it just feels like you are elbowing me in the uterus. which is so awesome! (ps - your momma is the queen of sarcasm so i will need you to get used to that, asap.)

your dad likes to talk to my belly too. you have ears now and even if you don't know what we are saying, you can hear us talking. he likes you tell you what we did that day and how much we love you and how much it scares us too that you are going to be here before we know it! knowing you can hear me has made me think twice about everything i say. i want to be positive and thoughtful about what i say about everything now!

we got a sonogram on wednesday, january 16th and got to see you moving around in my belly. so far you have at least one arm, two legs, and lots and lots of toes. we go back on february 13th and they will do the full anatomy scan and make sure you have at least one more arm and maybe a few less toes than i think i saw on the screen. your heart rate was 153. half of everyone assures me that you are a girl because of this and the other half assures me you are a boy. i can't wait to find out!

really i can but i know i don't get to wait too long. like i said, you will be in my arms in no time and hopefully i can tell for myself by then :)

you have two fuzzy four legged siblings too. rebel was my first baby. he is my protector and i am hoping and praying he will protect you too. sadie is a loud and noisy beagle, as i'm sure you've heard by now. she likes to bay at everything and i hope she doesn't bother you too much. she is sweet and snuggly and will love you! they know something is up with momma but they can't figure out what it is yet. sadie likes to lay her head on my belly and rebel snuggles up to me at night to make sure i'm protected while i sleep.

you have a cousin who will be born right around the time you are! my cousin tara is also pregnant and due just a couple of weeks before you. you also have a cousin named thomas and he is a little older than you but i bet you guys will be good friends. his dad is my brother (i promise to teach you all this relative stuff when you are older - we have a big family!).

well mom is tired and needs to get some rest. :) promise to write more later!


  1. Congratulations!! so exciting :) feeling baby move is definitely one of the best parts of pregnancy!


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