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amendments, announcements, and affirmations


today is the day that i have been blabbering on about in vlogs, on other people's blogs, and with my family and closest friends. today is the culmination of serendipitous meetings, gutsy emails, and lots and lots of conversations with God.

today is the day that i officially launch my new business.

wait.. let me get my megaphone...


can you hear me in the back? ;)

Skye McLain - Virtual Assistant to Bloggers & Indie Biz Owners

i've been offering my services to a few bloggers, and when i discovered that i absolutely loved it, it occurred to me that i could really make this a full time job. when i started asking around, i figured out that some bloggers and indie biz owners don't even know how helpful it can be to have someone helping them out.

i talked to chris, i talked with God, i started doing my research and really planning out what it would look like.

things literally just fell into place. plink, plink, plink.

Skye McLain - Virtual Assistant to Bloggers & Indie Biz Owners

do you need a virtual assistant? what can i do for you? how much is it? how does it work? you can find all this, plus a plethora of more information over at my new website. bookmark it. just because you don't need virtual assistant services now doesn't mean you won't in the future.

i specialize in helping out bloggers and indie biz owners; however, if you need help and you aren't in these two categories, don't let that hold you back! i've worked in a professional environment for years and have plenty of experience there as well.

my ultimate goal (God willing) is to be working as a virtual assistant, from home, full time, in 2013.

what does this mean for my blog?

i've learned over the past few weeks that sometimes, in order to grow and thrive, you have to prune off some of the dead or dying parts of yourself.

John 15:1-4 {the message}
I am the Real Vine and my Father is the Farmer. He cuts off every branch of me that doesn't bear grapes. And every branch that is grape-bearing he prunes back so it will bear even more. You are already pruned back by the message I have spoken. Live in me. Make your home in me just as I do in you. In the same way that a branch can't bear grapes by itself but only by being joined to the vine, you can't bear fruit unless you are joined with me.

i don't necessarily consider this blog to be dying by any means, but it certainly hasn't been fruitful and that is because God clearly wanted me focusing on something else. so, like i've said in recent posts, you won't find me much around here anymore.

one major change is since i will not be posting regularly, i will no longer be accepting sponsors. i love to swap ads. i love all the lovely folks i meet. but, whether they pay me or not, if i cannot meet my obligations there i don't want them signing up for something they won't get.

what about thumbprint desigsn?

as for my shop, it will stay open! yay! i still love and want to paint. i still love and want to design note cards and subway art. i need that as a creative outlet and a way to center myself after a long day in front of the computer.

what does this mean for you skye?

you are so kind to ask. ;)

this will mean many things for me.

1. it will mean learning to balance a schedule. for now, i will be figuring out how to work a full time job + complete all my VA assignments on the side. this will entail late night hours, buying a second computer power cord, answering emails over coffee at 6 am, and teaching myself how to do lots of things i never thought i could.

2. once i get established, i will have to un-routine myself to having two full time jobs and get my schedule in check so that i have time to spend with the hubs, time to cook, time to work out and time to soak in a little bit of just me. :)

3. this will mean me not spending a dime. in order for this to work, i cannot buy anything except the essentials (and i'm trying to figure an erin condren planner into my essentials list) because every penny of my income will be going to paying down bills so we can make this work financially. this will be incredibly hard for me. i like stuff and i typically like to spend money when i am depressed about being broke. do you see this terrible pattern here?

4. in the big picture, it will bring me much comfort to know that once i have an established, work from home job, i will be much more comfortable with my life and i'll have a little more freedom to do ministry with my husband. my heart yearns to spend more time with him reaching out in the summers but i'm never able to take that much time off. so this will be an answer to prayer. :)

aren't you scared?

are you kidding me? i'm completely petrified.

but man. God takes care of that fear. i have never been more affirmed in a decision to do something in my life. i've always approached something knowing (not from self-loathing but from a deep place in my soul) that i would never be good or successful at it.

i might be scared to make this big leap and potentially be self employed, but i am affirmed in my decision by my husband, my family and my friends. and of course, most important, by God.

all of that to say...

go! go check out the website, please share this monumental news with your friends, (it's super easy, just click that little tweet it button down there!) and please pat yourselves on the back for all inspiring me in such a way that i am able to do the scary things.

love you all!


  1. I love that verse you posted, good stuff! Good luck in you new business. I love your website and I would totally hire you if ever needed! I hope you become so busy that you need your own VA!

  2. I'm a few days behind, but I'm SO excited for you!!!! This is awesome. I'm so proud of you and know you can do this!!!!

  3. Just found your site via your comment on Blogging with Amy. Love your site and what you're doing. I am in the planning stages of my VA business and it is encouraging to see someone else make a success of it.

    Pray that God will bless your new business!


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