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50 shades of cray cray

say a prayer for my husband yall. i'm about to fill you in on my basement of crazy that he so wonderfully puts up with.

ps. today is our anniversary too! love you honey!

pss. - this list does not have fifty items. i'm not that freaking crazy.

fifty shades of cray cray

1. i don't clean the bathrooms. i refuse to. it completely grosses me out. and chris is way better at it than i am. so i make him do it he does it with so much grace.

2. in the same vein - i cannot clean up dog poop, dog vomit, or any other dog/animal/human excrement that might find itself in our floor. i've even been guilty of leaving it there for chris to clean up in the mornings when i leave for work. (oh the shame). luckily it doesn't happen often.

3. i'm deathly afraid of roaches and i will not be in the room with one. i had a terrible experience in the eighth grade and have never fully recovered. i have even called my friend's husband at 9:30 at night to come over and kill one for me when chris was out of town once. yeep.

4. i leave all the lights in the house on and then blame it on chris.

5. i like to push buttons and open things. especially in the car. chris especially loves this about me.

fifty shades of cray cray

6. my hair falls out by the handful and i usually leave it stuck to the shower wall and forget about it. when chris is especially lucky - i write messages with it.

7. i refold every towel, washrag, and dish towel he folds. i'm ocd particular.

8. i will stop in the middle of everything to check a text message, instagram a picture, or just look at my phone. i know this drives him nuts. i'm sorry honey.

9. i chomp ice. i'm terrible about it too - taking absolutely no heed for anyone remotely near me who can't hear for me crunching it.

10. i have regular emotional breakdowns about having children. like three or four times a month.

11. sometimes i cuss like a sailor for no apparent reason.

12. i have to be the one to check the mail, every day, or i get angry. i love to get the mail! it is one of the happiest parts of my day.

13. i refuse to walk through the house barefoot. i always have on house shoes.

14. when i wear house shoes i drag my feet. like a five year old full of despair being pulled out of disney world.

15. i'm a total control freak. if there is a trip - i must plan it. i go behind chris and re-clean the kitchen because he didn't do it like i would. i like for people to take the same route i would to get somewhere. i like for him to cook things the same way i do. this i just the tip of the iceberg.

16. when we travel i insist on leaving a hotel room better than i found it. i will leave all our dirty sheets and towels in a pile, wrapped in a clean towel. (1. it makes sure they get washed and 2. they don't have to touch my dirty towels. ew). i put everything back where it came from and wipe down the counters in the bathroom.

17. i pick all the skin off my lips.

18. i love to peel sunburned skin. (sorry nina).

fifty shades of cray cray

i truly feel sorry for my husband some days - and then i remember that he asked me to marry him, at a point in our relationship where i didn't think he ever wanted to get married. he wanted to be with me and he was already in my basement of crazy. he loves me even more because of it, i think. so that makes him a keeper in my book. i'm pretty sure he is the only one who can handle my fifty shades of cray cray and that is why God put him here for me to marry.

thank you for these awesome, exciting, adventurous, and life-changing four years dearest. you mean the world to me. let's have a go at another!


  1. Aww, happy anniversary!! You guys are perfect for each other!

    Skye, you will never live down peeling a circle of dead skin off my forehead! :)


  2. My dear love,
    I was going to say these are the verythings I love about you, however in true Skye fashion you already wrote that! Lol There are plenty of other reasons why I love you. And I thank you for not only being my wife, my eternal psychology project, the one who will not let me get fat, and the one who gives up days to serve God by my side and allows me to have a lock-in on the eve of our anniversary. I like you. -Chris

  3. This makes me laugh so much and makes me feel WAY better about my own cray cray... just wait. If you decide to have kids, then preggo cray cray is a whole new level. :-)

  4. I love this so much. I completely identify with #15. I'm the same way. Happy anniversary!!!!

  5. It never ceases to amaze me at how alike our basements look... except for the hair on the shower wall. That's just plain wrong, Skye. But I do love Chris' comment about you being his eternal psych project--obsessively clean about almost everything, except the hair on the shower walls... Fascinating stuff. I hope y'all have an awesome anniversary! We have a card for you: it's in the giant pile of cards that need to be mailed last week. So, you'll get it tomorrow; but not in the mail :(

  6. Happy anniversary cousin! I love this post for so many reasons. <3

  7. Happy Anniversary to yall & I absolutely loved getting to know you more!

  8. So funny and so sweet. Hope you have an even better next go!!

  9. I commend you for being able to 'keep it real' in this post, and confess some of your (maybe unfavorable) quirks. You have inspired me to blog about my own craziness, and I shared your post on my blog @christineshesweird.com :)

  10. Oh I do #7 too. I've very particular with how my towels are folded and put away, lol. And I admit to #15. I know it has to be annoying, but I can't stop myself, lol.

  11. I can totally relate to many of these... So funny! I might have to do my own version instead of that "If you really knew me" one that's floating around the blogosphere ;) Happy Anniversary!


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