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something's gotta give

my life = crazy.

i am having such a hard time finding balance with all that i want to do and need to do and have to do. somewhere, something's gotta give.

i just spent the last week with my best friend and her family, pretty much completely disconnected from my phone and a computer, and it was blissful. i find myself very skeptical about stepping back in front of it.

i'm not going to admit to being a bad blogger lately. true, they have been sporadic and pretty shallow posts, but it took all i had in me to even get those published. but that doesn't make me a bad blogger.

i've also found that when every post i write comes from me wanting to apologize for not blogging, perhaps i'm not doing something right. i've mentioned lately that i really feel a pull to do some things in my life that will be drastically different and will keep me from blogging.

these new things, and focusing on other parts of my life that need improvement, will bring me much more joy than blogging will right now. my focus is completely fractured at the moment and my blog has fallen to the back burner.

and that is okay.

life is about much more than creating content for a blog. it is about living it. so for now i'm just stepping back. i may or may not sit in front of a computer and blog ever again. i may come running back screaming, pouring out my sincerest apologies for leaving you guys without my wit and candor. ;)

but i have to get some things straight before i go on. i've over committed myself in many different places and i've got to simplify.

i have some dreams i need to get to work on and in order to actually do them, i have to make room for them. and if making room for them means cutting back in other places then i have to. i don't want to. but i have to.

pray for me to be faithful to myself and to rely on God to put me on the path He has for me. i have some lofty dreams and without Him i can't do it. but because i have God on my side, I know I can. :)


  1. I am starting to feel over-committed too, so I can definitely identify. I hope you figure everything out. I will miss your wit and candor BUT I don't think a blog should ever be anyone's #1 priority. So it sounds like you're heading in the right direction. :)

  2. Good for you. I think it really takes stepping back and figuring out what are your priorities and what are you most enjoying? if the blog isn't in those categories, then it's definitely a place that you should simplify.

  3. Agreed!!! You are completely right - you aren't a bad blogger! Life has to come first, and when you start feeling like your blog is a burden - it's an energy sucker and a ton more work than it needs to be. Good for you for not apologizing! Go live life, lovely! I'll continue to keep an eye out for posts, but I'll just keep connecting with you on twitter, IG & text!

  4. i feel like this is how i've been for the past 2 months! on the one hand, it's lovely to be away from all the technology and focused on life... but on the otherhand i can't help but feel a little guilt for not keeping up with my blog lately. Of course what matters in the long run is always family, so i know it's not really much of a "sacrifice" - but i totally know the feeling!


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