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things on my mind

... dude. life is crazy, no? just when i think i'm headed in the right direction and figuring things out, God puts a huge fork in my road and i'm forced to prepare to make a decision.

... sometimes, as i scroll through my reader, i feel like i'm reading the same blog post, fifty different times from fifty different people. it is kind of boring - this repetitive nature of blogging. blogs i used to love are now copying emulating "being inspired by" other blogs and it is like they are all writing the same thing.

... i've only been blogging for two years but i've seen such a dramatic change in the blogging community in these two years. there are so many blogs and it both overwhelms me and irritates me at the same time. does this make sense or am i just crazy?

... i've been stuck in writer's block mode for a couple of weeks. perhaps it is just the summer time, or the fact that i have been going non stop for about six weeks, but seriously i'm just not feeling it. i don't want to write. i don't want to edit pictures. i don't want to create content to keep a blog alive. i just want to write when i feel like it about what makes me happy.

... i'm totally head over heels in love with blueberries in a salad. have you tried this? seriously, my current addiction is grilled chicken salad with feta cheese and blueberries. if you haven't tried it, get on the bandwagon. i'm sure it will be the next big thing.

... my heart is changing. i feel like i'm being called to do some things i haven't felt comfortable with in the past and these things are also leading me away from the blogging community. that scares me. i've invested so much time, money, and creativity in this little world. but i know if i follow what i feel God is calling me to do it will bless me ten-fold what this blog has done. maybe i have just grown too comfortable here and it is time to move on?

... i will never stop blogging. but i might be less focused on it. i don't know.

... i could really really use a pedicure.

... there should be a button, like the easy button from staples, that when i push gives me a totally inspiring thought to keep my going. is there one of those on the interwebs that i don't know about?

... i'm trying to find that delicate balance in life right now between job, life, and hobby that allows me to be fulfilled by all three and fulfill all three. it seems like a period of transition and processing for me - an opportunity stand back and check what is important and what i can let go of. have you let go of anything lately?

... and to round out the completely random nature of this post, here are some things i'd like to own:

this clutch from aubrey plays. i love the shape and construction of it. totally original.

this incredibly adorable bracelet from twillypop. because it will go perfectly with every oklahoma state outfit i own. and it is only 45 days until football season starts. (oh it is a necklace - but i'd double wrap it as a bracelet)

it is obvious that i'd like to have one of everything in maggie's shop, but i am seriously loving this floral + mint gussy sews wristlet. good for holding all kinds of things i'd like to carry around with me.

and if not that little bag, this leather & fabric pouch from scout and catalogue will do.

a true love ring from amy cornwell would make a perfect anniversary gift for me. (attention: are you listening chris?)

i'm about out of thank you cards and just because cards. i think this little set from sparrow nest script would be a good place to start restocking.

okay. what's going on in your head?


  1. i tend to gravitate towards very original blogs- even if projects are inspired, the author remains genuine and authentic. that is what i love!
    and my go to salad this summer has been blueberries, goat cheese, spinach, and sometimes chicken, sometimes salmon, sometimes almonds... YUM. oh and sometimes i add strawberries.

  2. I'm not a fan of blueberries...but my family loves every other kind of berries...just made a salad for hubby last night with strawberries and chicken in it...and lots of other veggies of course...and balsamic vinegar...it smelled so good I made one just like it for me...sans the strawberries. The only fruit I like in a salad is a dried cranberry... more than you wanted to know about me and berries, eh?

    I get what you mean about blogging...there's a lot of repetition... I often take "prompts" from other blogs, but I'm kind of out there in general and I think it's probably reflected on my blog, and writing style...which is sort of suburban psychotic.

  3. Girl you have to do what you feel compelled to do. Even if it is not blogging. Maybe there will be a space for it in your future, but for now, don't worry! Do what makes you happy :-)

  4. I only have three things to say:

    One - I love you.
    Two - Do what is best for you, do what God is calling you to do.
    Three - Weather you are blogging or not, you will always have a friend in me.

    Okay one more.

    Four - I am so glad I met you in this blog world and I just want to tell you that you are amazing.

    That is all.

  5. I go through phases like this. All the sudden reading blogs and commenting and writing and linking gets really old and if I give myself a little break then I feel a little refreshed and sometimes, I just have to push through or quit. So far, I haven't quit and I'm glad but you have to do what's right for you and what God is calling you to.

  6. I know what you mean about getting burned out on reading the same blogs over and over. I think you should just write when you want to write and not worry about the rest. Most of us probably follow you through a reader anyway. And I'm going to try blueberries on my salad. :)


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