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the cardboard box diet
week three

{week one here} {week two here}

i am ready for summer to be over and my "schedule" to be back to somewhat normal. i have been SO crazy busy this past week, planning for a bachelorette party, a wedding, and a birthday party. ALL OCCURRING THIS WEEKEND. so please forgive me for not having much of anything to say.

except that i'm still plugging away - trying to make smarter choices here and there as need be. i still allow myself to splurge and i'm forgiving myself for the two reese's peanut butter cups i had each night this week to help me relax after hurried afternoons. relaxing is important and sleep is important and those little bites of heaven helped bring relax and sleep about so i say reese's are important too.

can i get an amen to that?

last friday we had dinner in shreveport for my father-in-law's birthday and i had some of the best scalloped potatoes i have ever had. and i'm pretty sure there was at least a stick's worth of melted butter floating around in the bowl. but i licked it CLEAN because honestly they were amazeballs and worth every calorie.

what are some things you don't feel guilty about splurging on because they are SO good that you think they are worth ever calorie?? i'm curious to see if i'm the only one with this philosophy.

you can join in with us by using the hashtag #cbdiet on instagram or twitter. we are using myfitnesspal to track calories (available for android and iphone). plus, lauren is hosting a weekly linky to share our recaps.

WEEK three

weigh in:
starting weight 171.5
weight july 5: 168
weight july 12: 165
weight july 17: 166

i had a hunch. i didn't walk or do any sort of cardio this week because i simply did not have time. plus mother flow was in town. always an exciting time of the month, no?

but regardless of the scale i still feel better and feel more responsible for making better decisions altogether. so i am okay with that number edging back up a bit.

exercise completed

nothing, zip, zilch, nada.

unless of course crafting counts? no? darn.

splurge/guilty pleasure

like i mentioned above - the reese's and the scalloped potatoes straight from heaven were the two splurges this week.

success stories

several times this week i just wanted to give up and go out to grab something to eat. mostly because i didn't feel like washing dishes afterwards. (so lazy, i know!) but i stuck with my guns and ate at home, saving both moolah and calories. this morning however, i'm splurging on a spinach, feta, and egg white wrap from starbucks. i have to take the dogs to be boarded and that always stresses me out and totally makes me sad so i'm treating myself afterwards. #emotionaleatermuch?


cardboard box diet

so i finally got the nerve to try on some colored skinnies. i actually bought them too, after the frantic urging of the sixteen year old girls in my youth group. i actually like them though - they are super comfy believe it or not and they are totally OUTSIDE my comfort zone so i'm pushing myself to try something new here. what do you think about my skinnies??


this isn't really a recipe, per se, but i've discovered the idea of putting protein powder in my greek yogurt. i have strawberry protein powder and it mixes right in with my greek yogurt and i'm shocked by the texture and how well it tastes. have you tried this? am i late on the bandwagon?

about the hubs
chris has been at umarmy all week - simutaneously burning 1000s of calories a day working out in the heat with a ton of youth to build porches and whatnot AND eating like a king i'm sure to keep his energy up. he will also come home very dehydrated. i know this because it happens every summer. so i'm leaving him out of the reports this week. i will let you know how he is doing next week. ;)


  1. love the new pants! I think you look great!

  2. Love those skinnies, you look great in them!! And good job on eating at home, I'm having a hard time with that also.

    Hope you're having a great day!

    1. Thanks girl! :) I'm eating out at lunch today. shhhhhh! lol

  3. ONLY a pound when Mother Flow is in town IS a success story. Good job!

    1. AHHHH thanks!! I guess it is all things considered! :)

  4. Stopping by from the CBDiet, I just joined last week. I absolutely agree about not feeling guilty for something because it was worth it. I snack most days and don't really feel bad about it, it's all about moderation.

    1. It's all about moderation is my life motto. I'd much rather enjoy living than look back and think I might have missed out on anything! :) Thanks for stopping by Viv! :)

  5. Amen, Reese's totally help. Your skinnies are totally cute! Love the color.

  6. Your new pants are super cute!

    Good job with eating at home this week. :o)

    1. Thanks Nichole! :) I'm getting better at it - just have to keep making the decision and not letting the lure of fast and easy get to me! :)

  7. You look AMAZING and super thin in your skinnies! Great choice!

  8. peanut butter is my guilty pleasure. Worth. Every. Calorie.
    The skinnies look SO good on you.
    AND I have never tried protein powder in greek yogurt, but I'm SO going to!

    1. Thank you Sara!! The protein powder is awesome - you should definitely try it! :)


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