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the cardboard box diet
week four

i sit here, and seriously debate whether i should even join in this week. it was nothing but one big fat party over the last weekend, with emphasis on the fat. i did nothing healthy, made no responsible decisions, and today i am dealing with the weight of my decisions. pun most assuredly intended.

however, since the cardboard box diet is a support group and is a group of girls (& guys? i don't know) going through the same thing i am - then i feel pressed to share.

i'm not going to lie - most of my motivation to get all this out there is knowing you guys will be here to say "hey - it's cool! we all have an off week! get back in the saddle guhhhh!" because i really really need it.

so here it all goes!

{week one here} {week two here}{week three here}

you can join in with us by using the hashtag #cbdiet on instagram or twitter. we are using myfitnesspal to track calories (available for android and iphone). plus, lauren is hosting a weekly linky to share our recaps.

WEEK four

weigh in:
starting weight 171.5
weight july 5: 168
weight july 12: 165
weight july 17: 166
today: 170

hello, four pounds i was definitely expecting. but don't plan to stick around for long. your outta here.

exercise completed

um let's see...

-floating in the pool, keeping my margarita out of the water
-sweating in a hot and stuffy gym for a wedding reception
-climbing over my nephew and niece in their car seats to get to the back of the van
-cleaning the kitchen numerous times after numerous parties.

clearly - i did nothing.

splurge/guilty pleasure

margaritas, tacos, bacon, ghengis grill, margaritas, and a few margaritas.

success stories

so i did actually NOT eat any cake this week. i was at a birthday party, a wedding, and a bachelorette party, and i didn't eat anything sweet. however, i did have several alcoholic beverages and ate like crazy, so the not eating cake didn't really matter.

unless i suppose those are calories i could have consumed, that i didn't.

i also didn't log anything i ate this week. nothing. but i'm starting back today. for today is a new week.


no photos this week.


no recipes this week.

about the hubs

chris, bless his heart, has been earnestly trying to get me to walk. but we are both so worn out from our weeks that we just look at each other and know it isn't happening. so we post up on the couch and watch three episodes of lie to me. so kudos to him for trying.

fair warning

the next couple of weeks will be similar to this one. i have a wedding in michigan and will probably not log in next week, and the following week will be the week after the wedding. so i'm giving myself permission to enjoy the next few days while keeping in mind that the choices i make to have consequences. but i'm not going to restrict myself either. so stick with me people - i need ya! - and i will be back in the swing of things soon!


  1. Let me just say I am proud of your for making it this far! I know you can jump back on it and I will be here cheering you on. I'm horrible at sticking with diets and such so I know how hard it is but I believe you can do it Skye! :)

  2. Sometimes its nearly impossible to stay on a diet and it's not of your own willpower issues... its completely circumstances. Give it some time, try to maintain and then get back on the wagon when the cost is clear.

  3. You're right...today is a new week. No regrets.

    Enjoy your week!

  4. Catching up on posts from when I was on vacation...looking forward to hearing from you when you get back!! Safe and happy travels!


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