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whirlwind weekend recap

i don't typically do a weekend recap because we don't typically do much on the weekends but this summer has been stupid-busy, insanely eventful, and this weekend in particular can only be described as CRAY-CRAY.

it is kind of a long story so stick with me because there are some "really? that really happened" moments sprinkled in.

chris birthday montage

friday night we went to bossier city to our friend caroline's house. yall - caroline is the bomb. we looooove her and owe her like BIG HUGE PROPS for being our guardian angel this weekend. more on that in a bit.

we grilled out at caroline's and leisurely relaxed on her back porch around her pool. we made these amazing burgers, topped with cheese, avocado, onions, and her freshly made pico de gallo. some serious yum going on here. and the corn on the cob was so sweet and fresh. i mean this meal is currently at the top of my list for favorite meals ever.

oh - what is in those gifts you ask? a funny t-shirt, floormats for the truck, and what every methodist pastor needs, a bobblehead john wesley. all things my hubby loved.

we finished off the meal with yummy cookie cake. i didn't even take a picture of that either. oops. :}

boot shopping

i debated on whether or not to share this part of the story on my blog but we are all human, right? the next morning about 3:30 i had to use the restroom... so i go to the bathroom. and you know - do my business - and while i'm sitting there i got clammy, shaky, sweaty, and just nauseous. i start hacking and coughing trying to make myself throw up just so the horrible feeling will pass. a few minutes of this woke chris and he brought me a glass of water (sweet man that he is!) and while he is standing there in the bathroom with me, HE gets the same feeling! he had to drop to his knees because he was so shaky he couldn't stand.

so the short story is neither of us ever got sick but how bizarre is that? we racked our brains, trying to think of what we ate that no one else did (nobody else got sick) and even thought it might have been carbon monoxide poisoning. any idea what might have come over us??

so anywho - we both went back to sleep and got up around 8 feeling just as normal as ever! we hopped out of bed and got dressed and headed to breakfast at strawn's. seriously. #yum. then we headed to a couple of stores looking for caroline her first pair of boots. i have a slight love affair with boots and nearly got the chevron ones. but my heart belongs to ol' gringos. aren't those some gorgeous boots?

we left with caroline's new boots and headed for the panaderia and picked up some fresh flour tortillas, churros, and empanadas. i love panaderias! they make the best tortillas. so much better (and cheaper) than regular store bought ones!

and beagles. just because. ;)


the last installment of this story is most eventful. we were ready to head back to west monroe and get ready for a crawfish boil for 40-ish people at the church. we had a guy who was getting the crawfish (live) for us but called us at one to tell us that "his guy" didn't get any on his run. so - we frantically call around in shreveport and find 120lbs of live crawfish. whew.

then we realize that we are in our two-door honda accord. not sure where we are going to stuff all these 120 pounds of live, treacherous crawfish. i mean it isn't like a can hold a bag of them in my lap. so caroline (this is where our guardian angel swoops in) in all her generosity and graciousness lets us use her suburban to get all these mudbugs back home. #awesome, she is.

so we run by caroline's to get all our things together and i realize my car is parked in the road and facing the wrong direction. so i grab my keys and go to turn it around so i don't get a parking ticket from neighborhood watch.

vroom vroom... sputter. vroooooooo-tttttthhhhppppp. click. click. and finally, nothing.

the car won't start. fantastic!

at this point we don't have time to worry with it and have to get back to west monroe with our live crawly friends. again, our guardian angel swoops in and carries us off and says she will have it towed to her shop and have it fixed for us.

{i mean really folks - she is SO MUCH TOO GOOD TO US it isn't even funny}

we drive carefully and abide by the laws speed to get back to west monroe in time to boil up our little crawlers and feed them to the youth from first umc Denton who have been on choir tour. as you can see, by the grace of God, we pulled it off!


did you know that beagles loved crawfish? seriously - she wore herself out begging everyone for crawfish!

just to clarify something - i don't eat crawfish. #eew. but i love the community of a crawfish boil though!

so anyways, chris and i dropped into bed saturday and slept like rocks after our eventful day. sunday (father's day) we went to church and then headed where? BACK TO SHREVEPORT for dinner with our dad's. we also traded cars with caroline again and she let us bring her hubby's camaro home. that was quite a fun little ride! i have confirmed that my husband is never allowed to own his own sports car.

so the good news is my car is fixed (it just needed a new battery), caroline is like beyond thankable in my book (i have no words with how much gratitude i have for her today), and everyone enjoyed the entire weekend (birthday parties, crawfish boils, and father's day dinners oh my!)!

are you still here? ;) so - how was your weekend?


  1. Mt goodness that is an eventful weekend! I hope you and Chris are feeling much better.

    PS isn't it nice to have a guardian angel? :)

    1. Yes - it was definitely wonderful this weekend. :)

  2. Whew crazy weekend! I'm glad everything is okay with your car and you weren't really sick. (Weird!)

  3. I am so sad that your recap doesn't include a cute self-portrait of the two of us and a cute picture of my little man in Louisiana! So sad we didn't get to see y'all but thanks for taking care of my husband and his choir kiddos! Y'all are the best! And I admire you even more for doing it knowing how much you went through to make it happen!!

  4. What a crazy, busy, fun weekend! :) That is so weird what happened to you and hubs, I'm glad yall are okay and I'm glad your car is fixed!


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