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defining success & living our dreams
a new series at neathering our fest

i got to thinking a couple of weeks ago of how easy it is to hold yourself accountable to other peoples' dreams and standards. just because one person does things one way and finds success doing it so doesn't mean that we should copy their style and define our success by their words.

i started picturing me as a successful woman. what words would i use to describe myself if i was at that ultimate peak of success in my life? and who is there to say that i haven't already reached that landmark? i jotted down a few words on a post it note and stuck it in my journal. then i reached out to you guys on instagram and asked what words described success to you.


i loved the responses i got and it really got my wheels turning... some of us (oh yes - me in particular friends) are so focused on getting to that plateau of success that we miss out on the journey that got us there. we bypass the lessons we learned just to get to that ultimate destination of shining rock star-ness. we forget who we were when we started, what we became along the way, and only focus on who we want to be!

that is where the guts of this series stirred from. it started as a few posts defining the words that mean success to me and has slowly formed into a reflection on our journey and a formation of the woman who stands at the end. we have to know who she is so we recognize when we meet up with her, do we not? otherwise we might speed right by her and miss out on the most successful periods of our lives.


join us this month as we go back on our journeys and put up markers for little landmarks along the way. as we define what success means to us personally and professionally - judged against our own standards and not hers or hers. as we create in our mind the woman who stands at the end of our journey, beckoning us into a sun-filled land of happiness. i believe it exists and i believe that i can get there.

do you?


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea and cannot wait to see what you have in store for us!

  2. I love this idea but I find it difficult to measure my own success without being negative.


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