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defining success: joy

choose joy

i love to hear stories of people who have chosen joy! each morning we have a choice. we can face the day with joy or with bitterness.

how much more successful could you be if you faced each day choosing joy? wouldn't the sun shine just a little bit brighter? ;)

today i have danielle, my new friend from drawstring studios, to share with you the joy she find in her everyday life. danielle has a wonderful blog, two etsy shops (one for home decor and one full of fabulous fabrics) and i'm so pleased to have her with us today!!

drawstring studio
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Success-what does it mean to me? JOY I know many of you have probably seen Lil Blue Boo's explanation of this philosophy but if not you can check it out here. Honestly it's taken me a long time to realize that I need to Choose Joy in my life.

There are always little things that make life crazy...kids that won't nap, laundry that won't fold itself, a customer that you can't satisfy....bills. But then one day I was thinking about "my life" ha ha sounds so serious. I realized that I am doing what I love and more often than not I am happy at the end of the day and choosing joy.

I'm not going to lie this didnt' happen over night and success doesn't work overnight, but with some hard work, some failures, some fine-tuning and finally a business model that fits me I feel that I have figured out my business...well for now!

For me a successful business and life isn't about who is making the most money, selling the most, or on the top-it's about being able to find Joy in your business and more importantly your life. I have two great kiddos and fantastic supportive husband and a quirky little house in a neighborhood that I love to walk around.

So go out there and find what being successful means to you and hold onto that!

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