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defining success: calculated

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being a calculated type of person is something that i'm, well... NOT. in fact, anything that involves the root "calc" (calculator, calculated, calculus) sends me running for the hills. math is simply not my forte.

and when i think "calculated" in terms of success, i think of calculated risks. and that is something i have never learned how to do. ever.

i'd simply prefer to jump into things headfirst, not looking out for sharks in the water, deadly rocks glowing beneath the sleek surface, or that person with the life saver waiting to throw it in after me.

and if i wish to someday become that woman i visualize at the end of my journey then i'm going to have to learn how to put on a life jacket.

all of the women i consider successful and that i'd like to emulate take very calculated risks. they start new things with the understanding that they have put the time and effort behind it to make it successful.

oh to be that person! how do i do that? it drives me nuts to think that i would have to sit and wait for me to get all my imaginary ducks in a row before starting something! i want to DO it the moment it pops into my brain. i'm afraid that the time i spend researching what will need to go into my new venture (whatever it might be) is time wasted. time that i could be accomplishing something amazing! time that i could be DOING the next big thing and becoming successful at it!

however, the more i think about this the more i am realizing that some people probably just don't function this in this "play it safe" way. i don't function this way. or maybe i don't function within my own definition of calculated. so instead of learning to be entirely calculated, perhaps i shall teach myself how to walk the line a little bit.


wow - that was refreshing! i think i learned a little more about myself than i was planning to there. i don't have to be a certain way just because i think it means it will make me successful! success has many paths - the one that gets me there is the right one for me. yeee!

so, are you a calculated risk taker or are you like me and prefer to dive in head first?


  1. I am definitely like you in this area. I prefer to dive in head first and I love that saying/picture up there - perfection!

  2. I'm definitely a calculated risk person. I like to know exactly what the risks are and how likely they are to happen before I commit.

  3. I am the same way - I'd rather just leap head-first and see what happens. I mean MAJORLY. I'm so impulsive. I love the goal to become more calculated!


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