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defining success: aware

defining success and living our dreams

quick - tell me five things you are constantly aware of every day!

i'm breathing agan - yay! thank you Jesus!
exactly how much money is in our bank account/paypal
how much gas is in our car
how much i depend on my husband
is it saturday? no? yuck. ;)

now - tell me five things you should be aware of every day that would make you more successful?

what are my customers saying about my products?
how can i reach a new segment of market while staying within my product line?
how have i shared myself with my followers today?
how have i promoted my sponsors today?
have i looked around for new opportunities to take advantage of?

now. how are you going to implement these five NEW things you need to be aware of so that you are aware of TEN things??

my bet is that the first five things you can push aside and still be subconsciously of aware them. but those other things are going to have to be part of your active awareness. write them down and put them on your inspiration board or tape it to your computer.

what is one thing you need to be aware of to make yourself more successful?


  1. my attitude is #1 for me. I definitely have a snarky side to me (surprised, right?) and sometimes it can be taken the wrong way. I'll have to think harder to come up with 2-5.

    1. i love your snark - it is who you are! own it!

  2. New follower! Loving your blog. :) :)


    1. Yay! Thanks for letting me know - I'm off to check out your blog too! Happy Tuesday!

  3. I love your thoughts. That is exactly why you are so successful I'll be checking in at your blog regularly.

    1. Hey Leo! Thanks for the sweet comment and for stopping by! :)


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