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my 30th birthday &
a huge project reveal!

so behind the scenes in the mclain household, for the past year and a half, there has been a mighty huge undertaking happening. like - so huge that all other house projects have pretty much been on hold and every spare penny has been invested in this huge space that we really needed. it was supposed to be finished by my birthday last year.

but alas, time refused to stand still while we were trying our darndest to get this behemoth thing finished.

you see, our backyard when we moved in was pretty much useless. there was a small cement patio right off the door. other than that there was no outdoor space that was usable. it is all shaded, which is lovely in the summer heat, but that means we have no grass either. on top of that, right off the foundation of our house the land slopes directly down at about a 60 degree angle. so even if we had grass, we would have rolled down the hill had we decided to sit in it. ;)

after some major brain work by the hubs and some serious manual labor from him and some of our bestestest friends, we feverishly worked to complete probably the biggest and most expensive project to date. we actually spent the last two weeks before my birthday party putting the finishing touches on it and getting it ready for the party. and when i say "last two weeks before my birthday party" i mean we were finalizing things like rope lights and cushions about two hours before the guests started showing up.

that is how we roll.

anyways - without further ado - here are some pictures of my birthday party and the new deck in our backyard!!

view from the fence

this is what the deck looks like if you are standing in the back of our yard at the bottom of the hill. you can see underneath it the severity of the slanted ground and how totally useless it was!

view from the door

this is what you see as soon as you walk out of our back door. the deck starts where the small concrete pad ends and wraps around the back of the house. that is chris' mom modeling the new couch for you. that couch was gifted to us by some very awesome friends. he built it for their deck and it is almost like it was made to fit there!

view from the couch

this is standing next to the couch and looking at the entire back of the deck. it is glorious how shaded everything is back here - this was taken at about 2 in the afternoon.

view from the end of the deck

if you walk around the back of the house and look towards the corner of the deck this is what you'd see. that is chris' grammie enjoying the breeze from the new fan we have securely fastened on the rail behind the couch. also - notice rebel's butt in the corner. ;)



speaking of... obligatory pictures of the cutest dog in the world. :)

oklahoma state chairs

we scored these orange and black chairs at target on sale for $19/each. we have four of them and eventually that little table between them will be painted to match what we proudly call our oklahoma state chairs. :) you can also see the margarita green table i was working on about a month ago.

new table and chairs

thanks to uncle sam and his generous tax refund this year, we were able to invest in a new table and chairs for the deck. we spend a day shopping and comparing prices before we settled on this set from walmart. and we LOVE it. it was pretty easy to assemble and the cushions are super cozy. :)


one of my favorite parts of the deck is this huge chalkboard that i made from the pallet that our building came on! people had so much fun (eh - probably a little too much as the night went on) writing happy birthday notes to me on it. it was definitely worth what little bit of work went in to it!

and now on to the birthday party pictures! :) we started with pizza lunch for everyone who came over to start celebrating early.

pizza dinner
my dad, my father-in-law and chris' grammie facing us and thomas and jared with their backs to us

rance eating pizza
my brother using the worlds best pizza seasoning!

chris eating pizza
chris - who thinks he is sneaking another piece of pizza!

sadie wishing for pizza
poor sadie was stuck in her crate while we ate. but don't feel too sorry for her - i'm sure she had plenty to eat throughout the night.

thomas gnawing
um really does this picture even need a caption? i want to squeeze him. there. i said it.

thomas and kay
oh that wasn't enough skwishy? how about this too?

thomas and kay
sadie sadie, pretty lady - i told you she wasn't entirely neglected. she got lots of lovin from grandma. ;)

partyin it up with thomas
partyin it up with thomas - i. love. this. picture.

rock filled candle vases
the sister-in-law did up these pretty little candles before the party started. i love the way they turned out!

dinner starts
my awesome brother grilled up 30 hamburgers and brats from the butcher shop in longview. the BEST buns i tell you. anyways - our friend ryan decided a paper plate just wouldn't cut it and made his way through the line with one of my new platters!

that there fella in the back is my cousin terry lee. he is a licensed journeyman and for my birthday he put in two new electrical outlets - one for my computer desk and one for the rope lights on the porch.

and then commenced lots of dancing... (also see the rope lights)

candlelight singing
lots of candlelight singing...

beagle begging
a little beagle begging...

beagle loving
and lots of beagle loving. ;)

pretty moth
this pretty moth joined us for quite some time. he really liked the candlelight.

beer in candlelight
i probably definitely had a couple of beers.

baby butt
and the next morning i got to look at this which totally rounded out my birthday weekend.

it was an absolute blast and i couldn't have had a better celebration to take me from my twenties to my thirties. :)


  1. Wish we could have been there. I am so glad you are enjoying your out door space. So happy to help :)

    1. We miss you guys so much!!! Wish you could have been there too - the deck is awesome! xoxo

  2. awesome sauce!!
    Hope you felt amazing on your big day! ;)

  3. Looks totally awesome Skye!! Doesn't it feel so great to finish a big project? I have been meaning to start on my master bedroom redo- but um.... I know it will be a LOT of work! :) Looks like your birthday party was a blast.

    1. Thanks Kelsey!! We will never be fully finished with the deck - I'm sure we will always tinker with it and change things up but for now YES it feels so good to be done with it!! We are going to be spending a lot of time out there! :)

  4. The deck looks amazing! So many fun colors!! :) It looks like you had a wonderful birthday! Hugs friend!

  5. it looks awesome!! i'm so jealous! what a great entertaining space and hang out space! love it!

    1. we looooove it and are going to have tons of fun entertaining on it!! happy weekend friend! xoxo

  6. What an amazing outdoor space! I'll come to a party there anytime and leave notes on your super cool chalkboard. ;)

    1. You are welcome any time you'd like friend!! I imagined we'd have a lot of fun with that chalkboard!! xoxo

  7. This deck is SOOO gorgeous! I could totally kick up my feet and relax there. :) Congratulations on finishing such a huge project, and for finishing 30 years :)

    1. It is definitely good for kicking your feet up and relaxing!! :) maybe one day you can come over and do just that. ;) thanks for the congrats!! xoxo

  8. Wow all of that saving and waiting was worth it! I love the new deck! I'm turning 30 in a few weeks and planning an outside party. We are actually working on our tiny deck this weekend to get it ready for the shindig. Oh 30....

    1. So far 30 isn't too bad. I don't feel much older yet! :) I can't wait to see pictures from your party!!

  9. I'm so behind on my blog-reading that I'm just getting to this one. It's beautiful! What a fantastic job y'all did!!

    1. Thanks Leanne!! I'm behind on blog reading too - five minutes of spare time is really hard to find!! :) Thanks for the sweet words!! xoxo

  10. Holy smokes! That doesn't even look like the same backyard! I wish that Palmer and I could have made it to the party. Alas, next year! The deck looks amazing. I can't wait to come up and spend some time on it soon!


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