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in full bloom linky party
featuring aubrey plays!

hi there and welcome back to another feature in our in full bloom series! if this is your first time, click here to read all about what we are doing and then catch up on some of our past features:

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in full bloom: helping grow your indie biz!

there is no doubt about how much i love the lady who is here today. i've talked about her many many times on neathering our fest and i hope to talk about her many more times in the future. aubrey, from aubrey plays (the blog and the shop of the same name) is an absolute dream! she is quirky, funny, really GETS that she is constantly learning to be a stay at home momma and a full time biz owner and is super creative and artsy. could i find more adjectives to stick in a sentence about her? probably - but i will let aubrey do the talking from here on out...

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who or what encouraged you to start your indie biz?
I wanted to stay home more!!
I used to always daydream about having a little coffee shop that played excellent music, and sold awesome bits of art made by me.
I now get to do this virtually.

what is the hardest challenge you have as an indie biz owner?
I think sometimes it is hard keeping your chin up when things are slow.
You don't really have someone who pats you on the back and says, " yes! that is the right direction! go with it" which means you are sort of blindly hoping that what you like will be liked by others as well. And lastly it feels hard sometimes
making your peeps know you need the time to get your stuff done.

what is some helpful advice you would offer other indie biz owners?
Trust your gut. stay true to yourself. Treat others how you'd like to be treated. the end. ;)

what is the ultimate goal you have for your indie biz?
I think it would be fabulous if I got a call from some large company saying they needed me!

two of aubrey's favorite items...

handmade fabric typewriter change purse from aubrey plays
sweet little typewriter change purse

bag of shoulds custom made shoulder bag from aubrey plays
bag of shoulds

♥ ♥ ♥


you need to meet aubrey. she is full of great tidbits and life lessons and shares her heart and soul on her blog. i'm so glad i stumbled across her one day many moons ago. i am now ecstatic to call her a friend!! :)


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  1. you always say the sweetest things!!!
    It sometimes keeps me going so thank you!

  2. I love Aubrey and her shop!! She is so wonderfully talented! :)


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