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caviar bead nail tutorial:
guest post from katlyn @
the dreamy meadow

raise your hand if you get a leeeetle irritated and jealous when you see all these perfectly manicured hands on pinterest and wonder to yourself who has the time, patience, and talent to really be able to make them look THAT great.

good. glad to see i'm not completely alone in this.

and i'm also glad you're here. because i have a super simple tutorial today from my friend katlyn at the dreamy meadow on a really cute method for "polishing" your nails! seriously - even i think i could do this... katlyn, the floor is officially yours!


Hey guys! I'm Katlyn from over at The Dreamy Meadow and I am super excited about guest posing on Neathering Our Fest. Skye is a truly amazing lady! Today I'm going to do a little DIY for you all so let's have some fun, shall we?

Have you heard of caviar beads or seen the new fab caviar bead nails? Well I sure have and I am totally in love! So I thought I would show you a small tutorial on how to accomplish the look.

Here's what you are going to need:

Caviar Beads (I used silver, but they come in a million colors)

Nail Polish (I used Armed and Ready by Essie)

Clear Coat (I used Essie)

A bowl

caviar beads nail tutorial

The Steps:

1. Now I prepared my nails so they would be in mint condition to hold onto the nail polish. I pushed back and trimmed my cuticles and then went ahead and smoothed and buffed them with a 4 sided nail block.

2. Apply the colored nail polish to all of your nails besides your ring finger. Of course you can choose whatever finger your little heart desires. Apply 1-2 coats and allow to dry completely.

caviar beads nail tutorial

3. You then want to apply the clear coat to your chosen finger. Put your hand over the bowl that I told you to get out and gently pour the caviar beads over it. Allow to set and dry for about 5 minutes.

caviar beads nail tutorial

4. Apply clear coat to all of your nails! On your chosen finger allow the clear coat to seep down around the beads to lock them between the two coats.

Ta-Da! You have yourself some snazzy nails! :) Enjoy your new creation!

caviar beads nail tutorial


seriously, coming from one completely illiterate nail polisher, this looks like something i could actually DO. i absolutely love this idea! thanks so much for sharing it today katlyn!!


  1. So cool. Wish I had nails. Looks great.

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