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campus book rentals & a giveaway

raise your hand if you are paying off student loans or will be paying off student loans for the rest of your life?

you know that commercial with the little old lady who gets her walker out and carefully trudges to the mailbox to put her student loan payment in the mail? (it must be a really old commercial - i can't even find it on youtube!) that will most definitely be me. eighty years old, rollers in my hair, in my houserobe and slippers, mumbling terrible things under my breath about sallie mae as i totter out to my mailbox and mail the last payment in.

if you decide to go to college, student loans, along with tons of other college expenses, are not something you can really avoid. between tuition costs, supplies, gas to get you to and from class and all those random lab fees and expenses (what are those anyways??), that bill gets really big, REALLY fast. so you start looking for loopholes and coupons and other ways to save money, right?

this is where campus book rentals comes in.


lets just say that i'm a little peeved i didn't know about them before. because books are SO expensive. and you buy them once. use them for one semester - maybe one year. and if you are incredibly lucky, you can sell it back to the bookstore for a meager 1% of what you bought it for. not a great incentive if you ask me.

but campus book rentals pretty much solves this problem by giving you a totally different way to get your textbooks.

you rent them.

yes. you "borrow" them, use them for your class, and send them back to campus book rentals. all for a fraction of the cost of purchasing the book. this is one of those times where i say to my self "dangit - why didn't i come up with this??" right? along with saving anywhere from 40-60% off the retail price of the books, here are a few other perks from renting books from campus book rentals:

~ free shipping both ways
(cha-ching! an automatic saving of moolah right there!)
~ can highlight in the textbooks
(this means you might get a book that is already highlighted, making it easier for you to study. no-brainer)
~ flexible renting periods
(mini-mester? two semesters? you got it.)
~ they donate to Operation Smile with each textbook rented
(as if they weren't already awesome enough!)
~ thirty day risk free return period
(this is my personal favorite... i'll tell you why in a minute!)

i had civics my second semester in college. my teacher, let's call him mr. fulston, looked like jeff foxworthy and had this awesome hair that bounced around while he excitedly paced back and forth, talking about all things civics. on the first day of class, mr. fulston took roll and then promptly announced that the textbook they had picked for this class was crap. we could all sell it back. which resulted in a avalanche of students in the bookstore all returning the same book. needless to say this raised some suspicions and mr. fulston did get in a little bit of trouble. with campus book rentals, you can rent the civics book, decide whether or not you actually need it for the class (sometimes you do, sometimes you don't) and then return it if you don't. i think this is awesome.

and today i'm thrilled to announce that i have partnered with campus book rentals to offer one of my lucky readers a $50 rental credit!

but wait! there's more!
(hello infomercial....)

along with a $50 rental credit, you will also receive a set of my college themed notecards + a coordinating subway art print! there are a ton of things you can do with these notecards. make a collage and frame them for decoration in a drab dorm room. send them with the student to write home in (and yes - you will probably need to go ahead and address & stamp them just to be sure.) or, keep them for yourself to send an encouraging note during finals or an envelope of cash for food. ;)

as of right now, i have notecards & subway art for texas a&m, university of texas, auburn university, louisiana state university, oklahoma state university, and university of florida. but if you need a college i don't have i would be thrilled to work with you to create some for you!

both of these prizes will go to one lucky entrant! use the rafflecopter widget below to enter! good luck!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. my favorite college class was probably an elective I took on movie history. all we did was watch awesome old movies and write about them. Two of my favorite things. I didn't know about this. My oldest is starting to take dual college classes next year (her SR year) and what a great option for her books!!

  2. Get ready for a gross bio class answer. ;) I loved microbiology lab. We got unknowns (solution with several bacteria inside) and had to use our knowledge of how bacteria gross to identify them. It was like a big, geeky puzzel!

  3. My favorite was Art History because I loved learning about the history of world art and architecture.


  4. What an awesome idea! It's really ridiculous how expensive books are on top of tuition lol. it's "too bad" I finished school! :P


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