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in full bloom linky party
featuring tricia from mamas nest designs

yippee! we have arrived at the third in full bloom feature!

if you happened to notice that we skipped a week... well the best excuse i can wrangle is that kelsey was at SNAP (super jealous) and i just plain forgot! i think she and i have been SO busy lately it's been hard to keep up with each other. so, without further ado...

in full bloom: helping grow your indie biz!

we are back this week with a fabulous lady to share with you!! tricia, from mama's nest designs {shop} and mama marchand's nest {blog} is here to share a little about herself and some fantastic advice for fellow indie biz owners!

tricia - mamas nest designs
{blog | facebook | pinterest | blog lovin' | twitter}

who or what encouraged you to start your indie biz?
I've always dabbled in a variety of crafts and projects but my biggest love was creating jewelry. After I had my daughter in 2010, I realized I needed something to do (besides my blog) to keep my creative juices flowing so I started creating jewelry again. I realized that I could open an Etsy shop and actually make a little bit of money from something I already loved and voila! I opened my virtual shop doors in October of 2011 and it's been a blast!

what is the hardest challenge you have as an indie biz owner?
Honestly? Managing my time. I wish I could quit my part time jobs and just be a blogger and indie biz shop owner but, right now, that's not feasible for our family. So, I've had to get organized in a way I never knew possible and make sure that I'm making my family a priority, above all else. It's tough and I'm still a work in progress.

what is some helpful advice you would offer other indie biz owners?
The biggest piece of advice I could offer would be to constantly reevaluate what you're creating, what's selling, who is buying your product, how you're advertising, and what your marketing looks like. I do this about once a month and it's been a GOOD thing! I check my stats to see what tags are showing up on search engines, I check my sales history to see what kinds of designs are selling the best, and I tweak a little bit here and there to keep things fresh.

what is the ultimate goal you have for your indie biz?
For it to be my only source of income (besides my blog) so that I can be a stay at home mama!

colorful owl - mamas nest designs
colorful silver owl pendant
The colorful owl necklace features a funky large owl pendant with eight gemstones on it in green, yellow, red, light green, pink, orange, magenta, and light blue. The pendant is complimented by pairs of beads in green, black, and red and is set on a silver chain.

antique brass family tree - mamas nest designs
antique gold necklace with custom birthstone
This would be a lovely necklace for a mama and you can match the beads to her children's birthstones. This necklace would also be nice for a grandma with her grandchildrens' birthstones or even to represent a family tree. It's versatile!

♥ ♥ ♥


i had heard of tricia in the blog world and followed her on twitter but didn't really get to know her until i had the delight of winning a necklace from her shop! i seriously wear it all.the.time. i also gifted a pair of her earring to a friend of mine. tricia is one of the sweetest and most genuine people you will ever meet!! you would be remiss not to visit her blog or shop and say hi, get to know her, and check out her gorgeous and unique jewelry!!

thanks for letting me feature you and your shop tricia! :)


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