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fyi: i was going to post this on march 14th but about forty seven other people beat me to it and tagged a lot of the people i wanted to tag. so there. if you just want to answer the questions in the comments and not have to do another post about it suits me just fine! this is really just me getting to know you better!! :)

so to be honest, i'm typically terrible at these "tag you're it!" kind of things but today i'm gonna give it a shot.

i was tagged for the same thing by both cassie @ live laugh l0ve and erin at his & hers. it is the "11 question" thing so i technically have 22 questions to answer. which immediately makes me feel like i am in high school again and i am doing homework. so i am going to do like erin did and take six from each girl and answer those!

here are the rules:

you must post the rules.
answer the 11 questions that the tagger posted for you
then create 11 questions to ask the people you've tagged.
tag 11 people and link them in your post.
let them know you have tagged them.

(or do like i say and be a total rule breaker)

from cassie

1. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

i would spend several months traveling all over the world. my first stop would be a whiskey and beer tour through ireland and scotland. then spend a week or two on the canary islands. then head to france and italy to eat my way through the cities. i would stop in berlin, germany to visit my friend liz (provided she was still living there!) and then who knows from there!

2. What is your favorite thing to do?

narrowing all the things i "do" down to one favorite things is a mighty task but there is one thing that no matter what, no matter when i do it, how long i do it, or with home i do it, i always enjoy. and that is riding in a boat. for me there is nothing in the world more relaxing than laying on the front bench of a boat with a cold beer in my hand and sunglasses on my face, letting the wind blow all my thought away for a few minutes. i don't like to ski or tube or any of those fancy water sports. i just want to ride on the boat.

3. Chips & salsa or Chips & queso?

oh you are making me pick one? i'm from texas so really salsa and queso go hand-in-hand. you really can't have one without the other as far as i am concerned. i usually dip my chip in the queso and top it with some salsa. or vice versa. or two chips at the same time, one with salsa and one with queso because i'm a rebel like that yall.

4. If you could have one super power what would it be and why?

i would be able to stop time so i can get all the things in my head done without missing out on anything!

5. I tell you were leaving for a road trip in 5 minutes. What do you throw into your suitcase in such a short amount of time?

lots of clean underwear, my phone charger, my journal, my camera and my laptop. oh and probably a toothbrush and my canister of spark!

6. Would you prefer to gaze at the stars, climb a mountain or go surfing?

i don't know if you know this - but the sky is so much bigger in texas than anywhere else. if you need proof, then i will send you to possum kingdom lake and have you spend the night looking into the sky. there are more stars than you will ever be able to count. i mean, you can see the milky way for crying out loud! so as longs as i'd be doing it in texas, i'd rather gaze at the stars than anything else!

from erin

1. You’ve been forced at gunpoint to sing karaoke. What song do you choose?

easy peasy - don't stop believen by journey. i mean really? is this question for real?

2. What is your most memorable high school experience?

my senior year in high school i went to prom with a huge group of friends. in east texas, the thing to do was drive to shreveport for dinner at the casino boats. you rented a limo, got all dressed up and felt very fancy being a random, underage group of people having dinner at a buffet. this story kind of has two parts.

first of all - when our limo showed up to pick us up (twelve of us, to be precise) it was a janky old limo and was only big enough for eight of us to ride in. turns out our original limo driver was sick and couldn't make it so they had to bring in a last minute back-up. the driver was already a little peeved about having to work his weekend off and we were more than peeved that our money had gone towards something we didn't really want. so after a heated exchange the limo company refunded a portion of the payment to everyone and we found another car to take the remaining four to shreveport. eight of us climb in and quickly realize there is really only room for about six to sit in seats. so guess who ended up sitting in the floorboard of the limo, in her prom dress, all the way to shreveport.

if you guessed me, you'd be right.

so the second part actually happens while we are cruising down the interstate. about halfway there, the entire back end of the limo jerks around and then slams onto the ground. (remember, i'm sitting in the floorboard so i'm getting an up-close experience with the asphalt on I-20 at this point). of course we are all over-dramatic teenagers and start screaming and carrying on like idiots. the driver rolls the little window thingy down and tells us to chill - it is just a flat tire.

so here is a mental image: janky limo on the side of the interstate, man in a tux changing the flat tire, and eight angry teenagers in prom dresses and rented tuxes standing on the side of the road trying not to get blown away by the passing eighteen wheelers. it is hilarious now - but at the time we were all pretty stuck up about it. i wish i knew the limo driver's name so i could send him a note and apologize for being an idiot teenager!

3. What’s the best book you’ve ever read?

hands down, the best book i've ever read, would have to be the outlander series by diana gabaldon. i may have mentioned this a time or two. or seven. whatevs.

4. What color is dominant in your wardrobe?

sadly it is neutrals (blacks, greys and browns). however, i am figuring out how to use all these great neutrals to form a colorful wardrobe and the colors i am most drawn to these days are bright coral, bright green and jewel-toned turquoise!

5. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

chocolate. with chocolate syrup.

6. What are your thoughts on brussel sprouts? (baha.)

have to be in the mood but i really only want them roasted with garlic butter and a drizzle of reduced balsamic vinegar. yummmmmm!!

who i'm tagging

alina @ bowling my butt off
leanne @ what's cookin with the johnstons
mara @ a bailey life
sarah @ the cootie queen
kelli @ eat pray read love
jessica @ i heart motherhood
aubrey @ aubrey plays
nat @ take the cannoli
chelsea + morgan @ littlestitch
kate @ little stitch

just because you aren't on this list doesn't mean i'm nosey and don't want to know! leave your answers in the comments if you feel so inclined!

my eleven questions:

1. have you ever gone back and read your very first blog post? what is one thing that makes you cringe and one thing that makes you smile?

2. tell us all about your favorite pair of shoes. where did you get them? what did you buy them for? what is your favorite memory while wearing them?

3. if you could go back and do one thing you didn't do, what would it be?

4. what is your go-to beverage first thing in the morning?

5. do you sleep with the fan on or off?

6. what is your favorite thing about the home you currently reside in?

7. money aside, you get to plan the absolutely perfect date. spill the details.

8. do you get nervous pulling your car into the bay when you get your oil changed? or is that just me?

9. the eternal debate: mac or pc?

10. what habit do you have that you would pay someone to help you get rid of?

11. what is one habit you wish you could naturally pick up and have for the rest of your life?

woohoo!! have fun and let me know when you get them posted! i can't wait to see your answers!


  1. Yay!! I have never been tagged before! I will get right on this!

  2. My favorite shoes are a very beat up pair if brown boots that I bought to take my (motorcycle) rider safety course with my Mom. PS we both passed and have licenses now :)

    1. That is awesome! There is always a fun story behind a cool pair of shoes. Do you still ride?

  3. Yay, I'm glad you did this! I need to check out that book recommendation.

    1. It is seriously a great read - i've quickly read through the first 5, working on the sixth. Once I pick them up they are hard to put down!

  4. hahaha janky limo with a flat tire...great story!! I've been there with wishing I could send a note for being a bratty teenager while with my friends. Thanks for playing, Skye! :)

  5. Thanks, and done! http://thecootiequeen.com/wordpress/?p=692 Fun! :) I needed something to post for today!


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