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saturday lovin' - march edition

welcome to the second round of saturday lovin' where i round up all the fun links i have come across over the past {insert random amount of time here*} and share them with you!

*remember how i said it wouldn't be a series and i'd try to post once or twice a month? this is me keeping that promise. ;)

it's been an interesting month around neathering our fest. i've really stepped out and share a few things that were really bothering me and wrote a little more openly than in the past. and you know what - i've loved it. i have loved sharing with you and being lifted up by you! it has been a great month of learning and growth for me and i have a lot of you to thank for it! so from the bottom of my heart...

thank you!!

in the interest of keeping tradition, i want to start off with an amazing recipe we had from jessica at how sweet eats. i seriously want to shove just about everything this girl makes into my face.


chicken enchilada spaghetti. try it. for real. it will change your life.

have you seen my sponsor the cinnamon bears? stephanie makes the most adorable little dollies. she just listed some new ones in her shop...

cinnamon bears

i think this little guy, henry, is my favorite. i love the winnie the pooh shirt!

i've been giving some thought (sometimes serious, sometimes not) to switching over to wordpress one day. but i'm cheap thrifty. so i want to do it myself. but that scares me yall!


until i found this book! it is a complete, step by step, simple to read and understand on how to make the switch yourself. i've gotten a few chapters in and it's been very informative and makes it much less scary!

melissa at so chick! has some of the cutest bags. i'm crushing on this one:


the julie wristlet

cassie from ccy designs has been churning out some serious inspirational prints. i'm loving this one

have faith

and her new easter ones too! :)

this website is hilarious and makes me smile.

kelli at eat, pray, read, love is doing something phenomenal. i won't steal her thunder - but you seriously have to read this post.

i am blessed to be a part of a group of bloggers that have joined together for inspiration, encouragement and mentoring. we had a meeting about a month ago and have another one coming up soon! we all wrote posts about the meetings (which you can read here, here, here, here, and here).


having a group of girls who share the same interests to bounce around ideas with has been awesome! i highly encourage finding a tribe and learning from/with each other!

kasey at buttonwood cottage needs to make about 300 pair of these for me, one in every color for almost every day of the year.

ruffled arm warmers

ruffled arm warmers

my best friend liz is getting marrieeeeeeeeeeeed!!! i have started a pinterest board dedicated to her wedding. i am SO excited about this! :)

this roadmap to action is my new favorite resource.


purchase it here!

i won this in a giveaway the other day and i am seriously crushing on everything in this etsy shop.

poppy and pinecone

gorgeous, no?

and finally - i want an iphone. like for real. so if you want to know what to get me for my birthday coming up (wink wink) just a visa gift card to put towards a new phone would be great. or anything off of my "for when i have an iphone" pinterest board. although most of it will be useless without the phone. ;)

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1 comment:

  1. I need to try that spaghetti! Thank you for the shoutout and I am completely with you about those beautiful ruffled arm warmers!


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