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my friend aubrey

so i know this gal named aubrey.

to me, she is whimsey. she is play. she is art.

she is awesomesauce.

i think i found her while looking for a kindle case one day about a year ago.

her shop is full of dreamy, cute, and just the right amount of quirkiness to make you smile.

i could never decide exactly what i wanted to order from her shop. that is the only problem - it is all so fun that you feel bad leaving any of it behind.

i had a stroke of genius at christmas to give our two godsons a briefcase for their coloring books with slots in it for their crayons. the first person i thought of to make it was aubrey.

flim flam, bim bam, shazamm and these showed up at my door!

aubrey plays 1

aubrey plays 2

aubrey plays 3

aubrey plays 4

aubrey plays 5

aubrey plays 6

aubrey plays 7

then i won a giveaway and she gave me the option between a coffee cozy with a mustache on it and a sweet little clutch made for my phone and i picked the phone clutch and she whipped it up with some of her hand-drawn fabric.

aubrey plays 5
oh yeah - that owl is totally winking at you!

and then i got my fabulous computer and i knew she needed somewhere cozy and sweet to sleep at night.

and in full disclosure here, i did drool over gussy's new laptop cases. they are beautiful aren't they? but they weren't exactly what i wanted. i needed some zip and personality.

i wanted people to notice it from across the room and ask me where i got it.

so of course, i turn again to aubrey.

alacazam - and this beauty shows up in my mailbox...

aubrey plays 13

aubrey plays 11

aubrey plays 10

aubrey plays 12

i mean really. could the girl be more FUN? i think not.

i have had the pleasure of getting to know the aubrey behind the paintbrush and sewing machine lately as well. and she is just as awesome as you think she is.

i'd love for you to meet her! go check out her blog and shop - say hi and tell her i sent you!

aubrey doesn't know i wrote this (well, that is unless she is reading it right this second {hi girl!}). these are my honest opinions and thoughts. i just think she is pretty amazeballs and feel like the world should get to know her. so there you go.


  1. She is amazing and does beautiful work. Love your laptop case!

  2. Her personality definitely shows through her work! Playful and fun, hardworking, and thoughtful!

  3. Grayson loves his coloring book briefcase! So unique! Thanks auntie Skye!!


  4. These are so awesome! She comes up with some really great stuff :)

    1. I agree! Have you seen her monsters? They are the cutest!!

  5. You guys are going to make me cry!! thank you for all the sweet thoughts!

    1. You totally deserve them girlfriend! Your work is awesome!!

  6. Aubrey's stuff IS amazeballs. How cute is that laptop case!

    Remy / Cinnamon Bubbles

    1. Thanks Remy!! :) I love it - it fits perfectly and is super padded just in case. I'm a little clumsy! xoxo

  7. I just spent 10 minutes looking through her shop. Everything is so darn cute! Thank you for sharing!

    Alaina xx The Red Onions

    1. My pleasure friend! Thanks for stopping by!! xoxo


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