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business cards

if i had a dime for every business card i had from all the stuff i have bought from the handmade world over the past couple of years i could afford to...

pay a chunk of my student loan off...

have starbucks every day for a month...

buy even more stuff from the gals i love...

unfortunately i haven't found someone to pay me to keep these cards in my desk drawer (also - still searching for someone to pay me to pin all the things... so if you are looking for someone to do that holla atchya girl. for reals.)

i'm also really terrible at having my own business cards on me to hand out at the drop of a hat so it is highly unlikely that i will remember to take yours with me too.

so effectively your business cards have just been living in my drawer which isn't really doing you any good.

until now.

i had one of those total duh moments the other day while packaging some cards to ship out.

what if i...

business cards 2
cards for august blossom + mama's nest designs + katy scroggins

stuck a few of your cards in each of my shipment along with mine?

thus spreading the word about your shop as well as mine!

simple. easy. fun.

want me to send some of your cards out? shoot me an email and i will give you my mailing address and you can send me some cards to send out!


  1. what a lovely and really sweet idea!

  2. This is a fabulous idea!! I'll do the same - If you want to send me some of yours, I'll send you some of mine!

  3. That's a great idea. I'd love to send you some of my business cards!

  4. Hey, that photo looks eerily familiar! I think all of those things are sitting on my kitchen table right now! :)

  5. Found you from mamamarchand's tweet. This is a fabulous idea! I think I'll try it! :)

  6. umm yes. You .are.awesome and we are totes swapping cards!

  7. Great idea. I'll send u some. Email me ur address. Katyreitz@mac.com. I'm going to use this idea too.

  8. You are a GENIUS, Skye. So genius that it has to be in all caps! We'd love to Exchange cards with you!!

  9. this is a great idea! and you are so kind to want to share the love. i've been thinking about having business cards made for my etsy shop and when i do, i'll definitely send some to you!

  10. What an awesome idea!! I wish I had cards!

  11. I LOVE this idea. :) You should send me some of yours as well! :)

  12. this is a really fabulous idea!
    i would LOVE to swap a few cards ;)


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