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quickie goals update

i just wanted to pop in and do a quick update of how my goals for this year are coming along so far. honestly this is more for me to keep myself inspired than to brag about what i have gotten done because now that i have gone back and looked it isn't much. but i have done some things - so let's get to it shall we?



1. work out an advertising budget and a giveaway schedule

i have done this but i am keeping it extremely flexible. it just so happened that i won an amazing giveaway that included advertisement on 13 or so blogs! so i have had a boost in advertising without even having to invest much money but that is just for the month of february.

i am keeping it flexible because if an opportunity comes a long that will be a great investment then i want to take it. it is really just going to be a year of experimenting with advertisements and giveaways to see what works best for me.

2. create a more focused identity for my etsy shop

with the reopening of the shop and launching of my new line i have already put myself in a position to narrow the focus of my shop. i want to concentrate on products that fall within the scope of colleges so i am dreaming up some more items to add!

3. work with at least two local businesses for service and promotion

one local business that i had contacted about printing services turned out to be quite a bit more pricey than anticipated so i worked out some math and decided it would cheaper in the long run to buy myself a nice printer and print them all at home. i am still planning on working with some local shop owners to sell my cards on consignment!



1. do a vlog

check! not just one either, but two!

2. add a faq page

still working on getting this post together (probably in march!)

3. take a survey

done! (you can click here to take it if you are so inclined! i'm still loving the answers!)

4. continue the blogging basics series

i did three posts in january (one about simple html, one about using simple html to center blog post titles, and one about organizing the process)

5. be less scheduled

right now i only have posts schedule through the end of this week! i feel a little liberated knowing that i'm not tied down to a schedule and i have some flexibility there!


brilliant blog brainstorms

1. exert more self control.

fail. just fail.

2. schedule times for social networking/emails and stick to it.

another fail.

3. find a bible study and stick to it.

hallelujah! this one i nailed! (you can read about it here)

4. carry an inspiration journal and use it.

done! and i have used it. a lot.

5. get out of my regular spot.

instead of just thinking about blogging and shop ideas in front of the computer, the inspiration journal has given me then chance to write down blog ideas all the time. so anytime i am inspired or have a point to add to an idea, i can.

and you would be amazed what you think to blog about when you are just out and about! :)



1. paint the china hutch in my dining room.

i still have 11 months to do this! i can still do it!

2. paint my kitchen cabinets.

haven't done this either but i still have 11 months to get it done!

3. save up money for laminate floors.

so far i have $60. which isn't much but i have to start somewhere right?

4. get back on the dave ramsey budget plan

i am going to sit down this week and get us back on budget. january was the month of broken things (phones, computers, cars, pups) so we went pretty close to spending our entire income just to stay functioning but hopefully february will be a little easier on us!

how are you coming on your goals for 2012?? it is so important to keep yourself inspired and keep your list up to date to remind yourself how much you have done (GO YOU!!!) and remind yourself to keep going!! :)


  1. I've headed over from Buttonwood Cottage... congratulations on winning the Liebster Blog Award! :) I'm looking forward to exploring your blog & shop!

    1. YAY! Thanks for popping over and saying hi! I will have to check out Mrs. Kasey's blog and see what the Liebster award is all about! :)

  2. You are doing a great job!!! I love this update - real, encouraging, and awesome!

  3. Thanks Leanne! :) One of my big goals next year is to think in the 5-year way that you guys do and start planning a little bigger! Thanks for all your inspiration! :)

  4. Looks like your making some brilliant progress on your goals.

    P.S. HB and I are on the Dave Ramsey plan too!


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