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my little twitter secret

okay so. i am on twitter.

i mean, as a blogger you kind of have to be. or at least i think that way. when i first started blogging i was definitely all "no way am i jumping on the twitter bandwagon" because like, everyone has a twitter and it is dumb. just another social media website that will be a waste of my time.

clearly i was very anti-twitter.

then i figured out that you could get an extra giveaway entry if you tweeted about it in most cases. so i though, what the hey. i will just use twitter for that. only to tweet about giveaways.

kind of shallow now that i look back at myself.

so i used it every so often to tweet here and there about a giveaway. i followed my favorite bloggers and a few people i knew in real life that had twitter accounts. i was stupefied when i found out they had one. but i followed them.

then i discovered that little thing called a hashtag and what it could be used for and my twitter world went crazy. i could participate in discussions with other bloggers. i could watch american idol and ghost adventures along with millions of other people from my couch.

i had to admit it at that point. i was hooked.

and then college football season started and i found this guy. and my twitter world was truly forever changed. (i do apologize to everyone who follows me and has to put up with me during an oklahoma state football game. i'm prooooooobably pretty annoying.)

and now i use #hashtags in #blogposts.

so i wanted to let you in on a little secret way i use twitter!

profile view

first of all - i hope no one gets really excited when they get a notification that i have favorited one of your tweets. it isn't that i don't like it or anything... but i just use that little feature for something else.

see here is the thing. i am usually perusing through twitter on my blackberry which doesn't exactly have the most efficient browser. so, instead of clicking on a link and waiting ffoooooorreeeevvveeerrr for the page to load... i will favorite the tweet. that way it saves all these tweets for me to go look at later and i don't have to remember who tweeted it. my brain just doesn't work that way.

gussy favorite

see here - i favorited this tweet so i could go back later and enter the giveaway! once i check out the link on a computer i will usually unfavorite it and remove it from my favorites list.

i know - its isn't exactly what i would call an earth-shattering or life-altering secret. but i wanted to share it with yall. its just a simple way i keep up with things i really want to check out! :)


  1. Ohhhhhh! I had no idea! That's a great tip!

  2. Maybe you can show me how to use twitter next weekend. I'm still a twitter virgin...

  3. Actually, this is a great tip. I never thought about using the Favorite button for that. I always have to go searching through all the tweets to find the one I'm looking for. Thanks for the tip.

  4. These are great tips!! I do the same thing!! I LOVE twitter!

  5. I was totally anti-twitter at the beginning of blogging, but then I realized that if I do a link round-up I can @ everyone I included and then they'll retweet it!!!! GENIUS.


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