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less is more

one day last week my dogs woke me up really early. like. really dogs? you sleep late on week days but you get me up at 6:30 on a saturday? not cool.

anyways. since i was up with the roosters (oh - and i didn't have a dang computer. grr.) i thought i would take advantage of a couple of hours of peace and quiet that i would do something that has been on my mental to do list for a while.

i tackled my closet. some days i feel like i have nothing to wear and some days i feel like OMG I HAVE SO MANY CLOTHES HOW CAN I STUFF ANOTHER SHIRT IN THIS TINY CLOSET?? every morning when i got ready i said to myself "today is the day to clean out my closet". well i finally did it.

organized closet

i got rid of about probably around thirty tops and several pairs of jeans along with a few dresses. the whole time i was thinking to myself "okay if i get rid of this will i have anything to wear?" and then i sat down and looked at my closet. i still have quite a lot of clothes but i no longer felt overwhelmed about what was in there and having to pick out something to wear in the mornings.

less clothes = less to choose from = less worrying about it in the mornings = happier and less stressed me. and that made me wonder what else i could apply this little principle to.

next - facebook.

i sat down yesterday and deleted almost 125 friends off facebook. and i only got through M. i kind of decided a few weeks ago that i was kind of tired of facebook. but i can't delete it entirely because our family really does use it to keep up with one another. but i had so many "friends" on facebook that i didn't know in real life or really didn't care about enough to keep around.


and hey - its my facebook, right? so i went on a deleting spree.

{rant - facebook makes it so labor intensive to delete people. so irritating.}

and i feel so much better knowing that i don't have to worry about reading so-n-so's rants about their job or how many poopies so-n-so's baby made that day. because really? i don't care.

i promise i'm not a mean person but if i don't talk to you on a regular basis and we don't interact on facebook then why are we friends and why am i required to care about your day to day life?

and then i opened my google reader after four days of not reading. and i had almost 400 unread posts. i mean really? i nearly had a coronary.

i heart you blogs and coffee

i love blogs. don't get me wrong. i do! i love reading them and getting to know the writers behind them. but it had just become more overwhelming than joyful to try to wade through my reader. so i cleaned it out.

i still follow a bunch of blogs but the ones in my reader are the ones i read daily no matter what. the ones that make me laugh or inspire me or give me a great business tip on a daily basis. the ones i consider to be written by my internet-bffs.

i now follow a ton more people on twitter and through my blog facebook so i can catch their blog posts still. but honestly, it is a huge relief to know that if i want to just ignore it for a few days i don't have a HUGE BLACK BOLD NUMBER reminding me of what "bad blogger" i've been.

it is quite liberating. and i now put more stock in the saying "less is more" because it really is.

have you found this to be true??


  1. Hey Girl!!! :)
    Ok.. get this...
    I had the same task to complete on Facebook... and it literally was taking me SO INCREDIBLY LONG that I just de-activated the whole stinking account and started FRESH! It was liberating and now I get to decide who to let in on my little snippets of life :)
    Happy Day sweetie,
    p.s. Your dogs are SO CUTE!!!!!!

  2. You read my mind!

    #1 I've been battling my closet for weeks. Because I don't have enought to wear and it's my only storage space so it needed to be more accessible.

    #2 I hate deleting "friends" because it makes me feel guilty. But really... There is just too much noise! (and could everyone please stop sending me application invites?)

    #3 I love my reader but when I get more then 20 new posts a day I re-evaluate.

  3. Yep. Except, in my head, less clothes means less laundry!!!

    FB definitely shouldn't make it so difficult to end your stalkerish relationship with people you don't know!

    PS - Totally off subject (shocker, right?)...I can't wait to see my notecards (and you)!! 34 hours. Woohoo!!

  4. Absolutely - less is always more, to me! :) I love that you purged so much! We plan to do that slowly this spring and just might have a yard sale, if I can convince the hubby. I deleted a bunch of people on Facebook a few months ago and I DEFINITELY need to clean out my reader. Hugs!

  5. I find this so funny because yesterday I spent the day with a childhood friend. She told me how she deleted a bunch of people from FB - and I have been thinking about doing this for a few weeks now. But do they know you deleted them??

    I also feel VERY overwhelmed by my Google Reader. Like 1,000 plus! I don't even want to look at that darn thing! I have the next few days off so I think I am going to try to clean it up. I already made a 'favorites' area on my reader for the ones I KNOW I want to read and oh well if I don't get to the rest, but even still that number is just staring at me!

  6. girl! i have done all of this, but frankly, it's time to clean out my closet again. i totally hear you. and i know you're not mean!

  7. It's so hard to use FB sometimes...I have the urge to delete it on a daily basis, but my family uses it a ton as well.

    I just cleaned out my blog reader too...I realized that some of the bloggers gave up their blogs awhile back and I hadn't even realized it! ; )

  8. yes!! you go!! Yes it is your life and you can stalk or UNstalk who you want to!! I bet you can take full breaths now right!?
    Have a super weekend!

  9. YOU GO GIRL! I seriously need to do this with both my facebook & the blogs I follow! I have over 500+ blog posts to read & for the first time my brain feels like it might fry! Thanks for reminding me that less is more! :)

  10. yes! it's amazing how the "main" daily reads have become the ones i really cherish reading. but on the flip side, i love finding new people, like this blog for instance, would have never found it had i not been following.

  11. I have so been there with thinking I have nothing to wear when in fact I have TOO MUCH to wear. I love doing infrequent closet purges.

  12. Great points! There is something so freeing about unsubscribing from blogs sometimes. Especially when I start seeing my Google Reader as another chore. I need to go through and clean out my FB too!

  13. I hear ya! Sometimes facebook and reader sort of make me feel clostrophobic (?) because there is so much to read!


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