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five simple words

encouraging | authentic | inspiring | silly | consistent

these are the five little words that i think {and hope} describe my blog.


it has always been in my nature to encourage people. when i was in the fifth grade, and leslie lawrence lost in the last round of the spelling bee, i quickly ran over and put my arm around her and reminded her that she made it so far. she beat everyone else (including me. i was thwarted by faculty - which, by the way, i have never misspelled again). second place was really something to be proud of.

i want this blog to encourage people in whatever way they need to be encouraged. i want my audience to be encouraged and be encouragers also. i have been blessed by so many of you already and i want to return the favor ten-fold to all of you and lots of new readers as well.

i challenge you to go find one blog and encourage that person. you might be the single ray of sunshine they need that day to keep it up.


every blogger should hope to be authentic. or perhaps transparent. or maybe just real. if you enjoy coming here based on this character i've made up and presented to you then what enjoyment do i get out of that? and how can i make real bonds and relationships with people by wearing a mask? my hope is to always be authentic.

sometimes that means that i write an entire paragraph of what i really think and erase it only to retype it again because it is the truth. do you ever do that?


i feel this year i have been somewhat burdened with the responsibility of inspiring you guys by setting goals and achieving them. but i don't feel pressured by you to do it. it is me who is driving me to get all this stuff done.

so that maybe one person who is dragging their feet about a decision will hop over here one day and say - hey. if this crazy girl can do it then surely i can too. i'm the least likely candidate i know for any type of success or awesomeness to just happen upon me. so maybe if i work hard and make it happen for myself i can inspire others to do it to.

i also kind of want to prove to myself that i can work full time + run a handmade business on the side. that makes me crazy. crazy. i was crazy once. they put me in a room full of rats. rats. i hate rats. rats drive me crazy. crazy...


i really enjoy just being downright silly. for no reason at all. just to make myself laugh, and possibly others at my expense. i hope i make you laugh.


my mom always said that "consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative." which i don't altogether disagree with but i do understand that consistency does have its own rewards.

a consistent schedule begets an organized life. consistent connecting begets friendships. consistent prayer begets answers. consistent content begets consistent readers. you see my point?


in the survey i conducted i couple of weeks ago i asked you guys to describe yourselves in five words. i got lots of fun answers but here are the words that really stuck out with me:

loud, creative, loving, happy, lively, learner, quiet, crafty, impatient, stressed, young, mom, outgoing, cheerful, honest, smiling, classic, spiritual, loved, simple, encouraging, fun, passionate, shy, redneck, loyal, caring, confident, determined, minister, wife, walker, joy, witty, optimistic, organized, real, laughing, artistic, empathetic, blogger

i think what i love most is that many of the words my readers use to describe themselves are the same words i use to describe me.

five simple words. that connect you guys, out of all the billions in the world, to me. tiny little me. :)


  1. I really enjoyed this post. I think it's so important the we build authentic communities online and that we encourage one another. I think we must have been on the same wavelength because I recently wrote a very similar post about why I blog.

    Looking forward to seeing your goal progress!

  2. you are one beautiful soul:)
    just stopping by to leave some love
    and say a big shiny bravo to brave you
    for all the aliveness you are
    and share.
    more and more joy to you,

  3. Those words describe your blog perfectly! If that's been your goal, then you've totally succeeded. :)

  4. Skye...it was so nice to meet you at Haven! Did you have a good time?? Love your blog. Hope you have a great week! <3 Heidi Rew from Parties for Pennies


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