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a vlog + a sneak peek

first of all - thank you all so much for the endless support and kind words you have all offered me over the last month. between you guys, my husband, my family and my plain old sheer determination i have managed to at least get one of my new items ready to sell.

so you want to see it right?

i knew it!

a few disclaimers first:

1. it is 8:30 friday night after a long day of work and a long night of work. i'm lookin my best all things considered.
2. i didn't take the time to clean. {waaaaay to excited for that}
3. any suggestions on how to end these things? it is kind of like an awkward ending to a blind date...


on with the show!


  1. oh my gosh, you are so cute! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the notecards! If you make Centenary or SMU ones, let me know, and I'll get some! :)

  2. Ah you are so cute!! I LOVE the notecards, way to go Skye! & I love your accent!!! I may be born and raised in Texas but I so do not have a Texas accent unless I say Texas or ya'll. Lol. Love you!!

  3. LOVE your accent and I LOVE those notecards! Good work, love :)

  4. omygosh you are right. It's like we finally met on a blind date!!! you have an accent!! and it is adorable!
    Yay! those cards are AWESOME!

  5. AH! This was SO fun. You are the cutest, ever. Amazing how much more you feel like you "know" someone having seen them in video vs just emailing and whatnot. LOVE the cards and a HUGE congratulations to you!

  6. So, I agree--you're so cute and so is your Texas accent! :)

    Also, I am so proud of the cards with you! They are awesome! I know that if you make LSU ones people will be keeping you out of stock for weeks!

    Also, if you made some TCU ones, I'd buy them.

    So impressed with you!!!

  7. Awww I miss your sweet face! :) Awesome cards! Rock on electronic Sky! :)

  8. OMG!! I missed this!! I looked through your blog and saw the post after this and thought you never did the vlog. You are so stinkin sweet and I am in love with your accent. I am still going to get my vlog up... I think Tuesday for Let's Do Lunch. I actually tried to get mine done before and I recorded the whole thing with the freakin' camera upside down!!! LOL!


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