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aubrey plays

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i have to be honest and say that today's sponsor shopping feature highlights one of my very favorite shop owners, aubrey of aubrey plays! she describes her shop as "functional & cheeky handmade items that wink at you." and that could not be truer than true! i really had a hard time choosing five things to feature during my window shopping!

ipad jacket. mustard vintage inspired
ipad jacket. mustard vintage inspired

how did you learn to do what you do?
My mom taught me to sew when I was really young. Like, seven. I got a trundle sewing machine for my 1oth birthday. {I wonder where that is now?} In high school, I was the artsy girl that made her own clothes. Not all of them but some. As far as the art side?? I joke that I was born with a paintbrush in my hand. I can’t remember a time ever that I was not doing art.

Snack Mat Set: Flowers
snack mat set: flowers

where do you find your inspiration?
EVERYWHERE! I get inspired by my kids. I get inspired by my needs. I get inspired by a pretty outfit. I get inspired when I am poor. I get inspired by the colors I see outside. I get inspired by music, books, movies, AND coffee always helps too. Honestly it’s awesome. But I don’t have enough time to do ALL the things I am inspired to do. It’s a tough thing to harness.

Mustache. Covered Notebook or custom book cover. Dude.
mustache. covered notebook or custom book cover. dude.

what is your favorite product in your shop?
I have a soft spot for any of the monsters in my shop. It was where I began. I was inspired by my three little monsters. I also LOVE a mustard ipad jacket I have in there...but I don’t have an ipad just yet ;( Oh and the new phone clutches in my shop, they are so handy, I think I could use one in every color.

phone clutch: design your own sweet little padded perfection
phone clutch: design your own sweet little padded perfection

what is your favorite handmade shop?
Wow, that is a really hard question. There are tons of amazing shops out there. I have spent this past year learning that. I give a shop maga bonus points if they have good customer service (as in actually interact with you). I feel like the ones that don’t are just giving the rest of us a bad name....and so I feel extra loyal to the ones that are god to me. I have a huge wish list now that I feel like maybe I have earned some money to splurge a little. But to fair, I will mention the ones I have actually worked with:
bloomerie is unmatched for it’s customer service and great fabrics
CityChicCountryMouse was amazing with me when I ordered a ironing board cover.
jessicaNdesigns sent me a custom necklace exactly how I ordered it and I wear it all the time.
Oh and I almost forgot!! today I got some earrings from MamasNestDesigns that I LOVE. She was awesome.

little monsters. MY CUSTOM PAL
little monsters. my custom pal

give us one tip for aspiring handmade artists.
Trust your gut. Listen to yourself. Don’t compare yourself to others.
It took me a little to stop doing that at first because I was not sure of myself yet. I wish someone had told me to just put on those horse blinders and follow my own instincts. It’s the only way to do it.


aubrey is also responsible for what is quite possibly my favorite christmas present i gave out last year. she custom made two coloring book & crayon briefcases for two of the littles in my life and i absolutely LOVE them.

don't waste another hot second pining after her cute shop items... run over there and buy one, favorite some, add her to a treasury, follow her on twitter and catch her at an inspiring new web site, revolutionize her! you will love her, i promise!

find aubrey here:
blog | shop | twitter | facebook | revolutionize her


  1. Oh, I love Aubrey and I love her products! She makes such wonderful pieces. :) Thanks for the shout out, lady!

  2. thank you for such an absolutely sweet write up. It was the perfect way to start my week!


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