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how to: center titles with HTML

first of all, i want to thank all of you for the great feedback from my first HTML post where i covered just some really basic ideas and vocabulary.

if you want to catch up, click here and read up! don't worry - we will wait!

today i want to show you how to use html tags in your post titles. it is really simple and can add a little something extra to your posts for emphasis.

a quick aside to say - it is so so important to give your posts a title. really effective titles will help your blog post come up in search engine results. and we all want that don't we? here is a great resource for writing effective blog titles!

i learned this purely by accidental trial & error one day. i figure i could at least try and see if it worked and whaddya know? it did!

html in blog post titles 1

first pick a title for your post using some of the guidelines from the link i gave you above.

html in blog post titles preview 2

once you have chosen your title, click over to preview your blog post.

do you always preview your blog post? i find it is so important to make sure your formatting all looks right. i always preview my posts before publishing them.

html in blog title posts center 3

now lets add some formatting and emphasis. just like we did in the first tutorial, we are going to enclose the title within "<center>" and "</center>".

html in blog post titles center preview 4

one of the design elements that carried over from my journalism days was the idea of a "hanger." a hanger is one word left at the end of a paragraph that is by itself on a line. in my head, i can never have one word on a line. drives me batty. so i am going to fix that!

html in blog post titles line break 5

by taking out the space between "chip" and "cookie" and inserting a tag for a line break "</br>" i am essentially hitting the enter key in the middle of the title.

html in blog post titles preview 6

see? doesn't that look much more even now? yep i thought so.

html in blog posts titles emphasis 7

next i want to emphasize how amazing these cupcakes are.so let's underline the word "delicious"! i enclosed the word within the underline tag "<u> ___ </u>".

html in blog post titles emphasis review 8

this little trick is something that i am really glad i tried out! i have tried to figure out how to center my titles forever and i hadn't been able to find a way. just a great example of why you shouldn't be afraid to try something new with your blog every once in a while! :)

happy title formatting!!


is there a specific question you have concerning HTML? i'd love to find the answer for you if i don't already know it!


  1. this is cool! thanks for the tip! :)

  2. oh my gosh thank you thank you thank you. i have been trying to center my blog name forever a big thank you!


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