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blogging basics:
how i organize my blogging

here lately i have been an incredibly busy and scatter-brained person.

the busy part i am used to but the scatter-brained part? not so much. around november of last year is when it started to get really overwhelming. i was beginning to take on sponsors and focus on where i wanted this blog to go. i was overflowing with ideas. they were pouring out of me with nowhere to go.

unfortunately i lost a lot of them, probably never to be found again. i know. sad face.

so i had to develop a system.

how to organize your blogging

the first thing i did was buy an inspiration journal. i went to cvs and found a tiny orange (yay oklahoma state!) notebook for 99 cents to carry around with me. now every time inspiration hits - i write it down. i am now ashamed proud to say that i have way more ideas than time. but i suppose that is a good problem to have.

do you carry an inspiration journal? i highly recommend it. i have been blown away by all the ideas for blogging that i can come up with now that i have somewhere to actually write them down and keep up with them.

it is also amazing what inspires me. a funny quip. a pretty view. something i see in a store. the idea is sparked and the post starts forming in my head before i can even get the journal out of my purse! :)

now that i had an overflowing fountain of ideas (along with sponsors to organize) i needed to develop a schedule and commit to a time to posting them.

how to organizing blogging

thus, this spreadsheet was born. i keep one for every month. i have spots at the top to keep track of who my sponsor shopping features for the month are. i also have a slot for sponsor swap ladies too.

there is a column for the date, the topic and any notes i may have for that day. along with a checklist for when i finish the post.

that little box for the check keeps me accountable to report all the fab ideas in my inspiration journal to you my lovely reader.

it keeps my brain all together. i keep a copy of it printed out in a folder in my purse and make changes to it as necessary. after a few changes i update the file and print out a new copy.

i have also had to train myself that this schedule is not set in stone. it is o k a y if i change something or take something off the schedule. it is also o k a y to have blank spots. i don't have to post every day.

or at least i keep repeating that to myself. sometimes it works. sometimes not.


so those are the two pretty simple things i do to organize my chaotic brain into a blogging schedule. they work pretty well for me. what kind of schedule do you use for blogging?

i'd be happy to share my spreadsheet template with you. just let me know and i will email it right over to ya!


  1. Yay organizing!!! I really should do something like this so that I can ensure that I blog regularly...

  2. I need to have a set place where I put all of my ideas and go back to it. Sometimes I open my Blogger+ app and add a title, then publish as a draft so I can go back. Sometimes I write it down. Sometimes, I don't, and can't ever remember the thought that I had.
    As for Scheduling - I haven't really put out a set schedule. I think I'm going to start a new link up in February so that will be weekly like my Quote of the Week. Most weeks I play it by ear - sometimes this means if I have a busy week coming up I pre-schedule like crazy, and other times it means that I don't post anything for a couple days. I may try the schedule thing.

  3. Now, why didn't I think of a spreadsheet? Genius!

  4. Thanks for sharing! I love how you organize everything! :)

  5. Hey Skye, I just found you through Angie's page. And while I'm busy wiping the coffee off my face from snorting it out my nose from her posts, I am so glad she introduced me to you. You've got some great advice here. I've only been reading for like 5 minutes and I have tons of info from you. So, thanks so much for sharing, you rock!
    d e n i s e

  6. I came over from Angie's post and I love your blog! You are so awesome! I've been reading through your blogging tutorials, and they are great. If you could e-mail me a copy of your spreadsheet template I would be very appreciative! I need to get organized with my blogging, and I think your system might actually work for my scattered brain! :) My e-mail address is hiitsjilly@gmail.com. Thanks!
    Hi! It's Jilly


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