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what will you wear?
{shabby apple giveaway!}

with four days left before christmas, i bet the last thing on your mind is YOU.

you probably have presents left to wrap, maybe even some left to buy, cookies to bake, dinner to prepare, a house to clean and carolers to serve hot chocolate to.

today i'd like to invite you to sit down, right here with me, and relax a little bit. stop all thought of the to-do lists. pretend it is all to-done. close your eyes, lean back, take a deep breath and imagine you are in a hot bubble bath with relaxing music playing. your hubby just brought you a glass of wine and took the kids to the movies for the evening.

it is time, after a harried holiday season, to pamper yourself. every woman deserves a beautiful and timeless treat every once in a while, right? maybe something like this...

light as a feather: gold feather necklace

talk about a gorgeous & timeless piece of jewelry! and guess what - today is your lucky day!

shabby apple is giving away one gold feather necklace to one of my lucky readers today!


  1. Ok. I love love love this necklace.
    And that photo of it. Amazeballs.
    I have been one busy gal this month like every other gal!
    I did decide to have a lovely etsy gal make me a pair of custom ear rings to go with a lovely necklace I have but have not been wearing it because I had no ear rings that were even close. Yay! I don't even feel a little bit guilty ;)

  2. I always end up finding things I want while xmas shopping. I may end up buying just a few of them!

  3. Thanks for having the giveaway, beautiful necklace! Not much time for pampering this month, but I have had quite a few pajama days after the kids get to school! :o)

  4. i have been wanting this necklace. my fingers are crossed. Thanks for the giveaway!
    yanuzo at hotmail dot com

  5. This necklace is GORGEOUS. I think I would wear it every single moment. Thanks for the giveaway!


    I treat myself to a hot cocoa EVERY night. Not even kidding-- it helps me relax and unwind and it's just the perfect hot drink :)

  7. i'm pretty sure that i would wear this necklace every day of my life! i have been trying to win a shabby apple SOMETHING forever! so it would be beyond awesome to win this. :)

  8. I enlisted the help of my hubby to allow me a HOT, no toddler included shower ;) That was a great pamper ;)

  9. haven't had much pampering time, but just waking up a bit early to sit, sip on coffee, and enjoy the tree ambiance is very zen! i love it.

  10. Morning times are "me" time. Checking the internet, catching up on bad TV and just relaxing with the dog before the kids get up.


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