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{the writing process}

- think of a topic
- mull over it
- throw it out
- come up with an even more brilliant idea
- start writing the post
- two sentences in google a stat
- find a really good article containing said stat
- tweet the stat to your osu-cowboy-stat-machine
- stop to google a term so you don't sound like an idiot when you know what it is actually called but you can't remember
- give up on finding desired term and just go with it
- finish and send tweet
- think - hmm, the writing process would make a funny blog post
- decide you need a picture for said blog post
- check for a reply to your super awesome tweet
- decide on pinterest for a fun picture
- spend 15 minutes trolling pinterest
- click over to interesting blog
- oh! cute sponsor - click over to that blog
- remember that you are writing a blog post
- go back to post, only to discover you left it in the first place to find a picture
- check for a reply to your super awesome tweet
- look again for picture
- stop in the middle to get links for previous points
- oh yeah. picture.
you're welcome.
- check again for reply on twitter
- stop to do some actual *ahem* work
- huzzah! a reply on twitter!
- have a conversation with the rug man about the important football games this weekend
- text husband and gloat because of the whole osu/twitter/stat thing
- oh hey blog post
- wrap it up
- holla.


  1. hahahhaa! This made me laugh! =D

  2. So...is this why writing posts takes me such a long time sometimes? ;)

  3. Oh man, you totally figured out my writing style. For serious. Though I'd have to add "-Stopping to half-dress barbie for my 3yr old" She likes to fasten the velcro on her own. ;-)


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