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{what i wore wednesday ~ 15}

back for another week of wiww and linking up with the pleated poppy! click over to see lots of other beautiful women gettin snazzy!

i am taking a break from the traditional what i wore wednesday for december. i am going to be focusing on "what Christmas wears" around my house - the decorations, gifts and a special surprise for you guys! :) thanks for always leaving such sweet comments about my outfits and making me not feel like such a weirdo for doing this! i will be back in january with outfit posts again!

wednesday 11-16-11

gray top - old navy
lacy cami - maurices
jeans - thrifted from neighbor
scarf - dillards
boots - cavenders
bracelet - honeymoon souvenir!

clearly, i am uninspired today! i didn't sleep well the night before and then got up at 5 am. just feeling kind of blah! hopefully i will feel better tomorrow? maybe this is a case of the daylight-savings-time-blues. (it is 4:30 wednesday afternoon as i type this and already it is dusky outside. ew.)

Thursday 11-17-11

blue top & green tank - old navy
jeans - thrifted from neighbor
bracelet - umm cant remember! :/
boots - cavenders
earrings - gift from the sister in law

feeling slightly more inspired today. it has been kind of a rough week... i have some friends that need some prayer and my spirit is hurting for them so it is kind of hard to worry about what i am going to wear when i have friends that are in spiritual pain. so anyways - say a prayer for them please. also - mother nature finally took the hint. it was in the low 40s this morning. yay for cold weather!

Friday 11-18-11

top - osu fan store (this is actually the hubby's)
jeans - thrifted from the neighbor
boots - cavenders

ZERO makeup. i just decided to go natural that day! so i know you people probably don't care much but my cowboys lost this weekend to an unranked team (upset. upset. upset.) but somehow, by the grace of the bcs gods, we managed to stay in the top five! we have a bye week for thanksgiving and then play ou in the bedlam game. cue the xanax and alka seltzer.

monday 11-21-11

top & jeggings - maurice's
shoes - toms
earring - gift from the hubby

so it is november. and the high is 80. i don't know what to wear anymore. i want to wear cozy cardigans and scarves with boots but i also don't want to die of a heat stroke. so this is all i can come up with when the weather isn't acting how it should.

glowing christmas tree

so my battery died on my camera this morning while i was trying to take a wiww picture so i don't have one for today... but HERE is a beautiful picture of my tree!! use this tutorial to learn how to take a GLOWING picture of your tree! i'm so happy with it!

pleated poppy


  1. I'm with you. The weather is so wacky these days. But it's the South and that's what we're used to. No scarves yet! Thanks for the link to the tutorial. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Love your outfits again this week love! The second outfit is my favorite! =D Your tree is so beautiful!!

  3. Ok, girlfriend-- you're officially the queen of scarves! I LOVE THEM!

  4. I thought about you when OSU lost, so sad. But then I was mad because it will help Alabama have a better chance of going to the NC game. NOoooooooooooo


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