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{what i wore wednesday ~ 12}

back for another week of wiww and linking up with the pleated poppy! click over to see lots of other beautiful women gettin snazzy!

wednesday 10-26-11

turquoise shirt - downeast basics
floral top & belt - old navy
necklace - made by me
jeggings - maurices
boots - miss me on amazon
bracelet - souvenir shop in spain

i'm still not too sure how i feel about this outfit. i know the deep teal is dotted here and there on the floral top but i'm not sure it all goes. i love this floral top though and i really want to be able to wear it through the winter. i'm also being brave and wearing the boots again. i haven't received any comments about them yet but it is still early in the day! :)

thursday 10-27-11

t-shirt - pine cove church camp
jeans - thrifted from neighbor
boots - cavenders

world, meet sinus-infection-skye. sinus-infection-skye - world. i woke up thursday with a swollen face, a stuffy nose, a headache directly from the devil itself and a little bit of a fever. yeah. it was a great day.


dress - target
scarf - steinmart
boots - cavenders

after a few mega doses of vitamin c, some organic throat coat tea and sugar free cough drops, i'm feeling a bit better on friday. this isn't really an accurate picture of my outfit either, seeing as how i added grey leggings to the ensemble after i checked the weather.

note to self: check the weather before getting dressed. not after.

chris - sunday

surprise! this is not me. (i bet you already figured that out though...) this is the hubs all dressed up for church on sunday morning. see that sweet little osu pin? he wore that at our wedding! all of the groomsmen are avid college football fans so they all got a lapel pin for their respective team (osu, lsu, atm, auburn, and the miami hurricanes were all represented).

ps - this is here because i didn't take any monday pictures. i was at home sick all day.

tuesday 11-1-11

top - bent oaks boutique
jeans - thrifted from neighbor
boots - cavenders
bracelet & necklace - salt & pepper boutique

i have finally (after a steroid shot and a mega dose of antibiotics) kicked the sinus infection. i'm feeling much better today! :)

pleated poppy


  1. Glad you are feeling better. I love the cowboy boots and the first outfit is great.

  2. I hope your feeling better!! You always have the most adorable outfits!! && I love the boots in your first outfit. If anyone says otherwise, you should probably smack them silly because they ROCK! =D

    Also, the necklace you made = love!

  3. I love that you got the Mr. into it!

  4. I about died at your first outfit. TOO. CUTE. Love your orange scarf, love your gray striped top, love your style!

  5. I really like the layers and colors in your first outfit. Very cute and fun!

    Love the look of cowboy boots and dresses/skirts--I've been trying to embrace that look for a while and am still working on my confidence. :) Love black and brown too-and a pop of orange!

  6. Whoa!. So glad I found you!. New follower here from WIWW. Loving your outfits, and LOVING that yellow necklace you made!. Hope to see you around my place sometime ;)

  7. LOVE your Wednesday outfit, cutie patootie!

  8. Love the boots!!! All of your outfits are great!!!


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