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today we are window shopping at streeter ltd. where shop owner kristina specializes in fun things like smelly jelly air fresheners, homemade lip balms and jazzing up those necessary elements for your home, like the all-important coaster!

peppermint lip balm
peppermint lip balm

how did you learn to do what you do?
Well, I learned to paint long ago, and through school took every art class possible, I've always been extremely creative. As for the other stuff in my shop, I learned them either through research, or exploration&trial and error. Honestly, a lot of times when I know what I want to make but am not sure how to go about it, I look up a couple ideas (or ways of making it) and see what works best for me collaboratively. :)

six inch flower pot
"leaf pressed" flower pot

where do you find your inspiration?
Life. Honestly. My smelly jellys I was inspired because I wanted to know how to make them myself when I saw a woman who created similar, and I wanted to be able to do it myself and my way. Spring Inspires my flower pots. Necessity was my inspiration for lip balm because I can't used a lot of things on the market because they make my lips chapped, and my paintings - life inspires them; sometimes its something I see outside, love, a friend's baby, a quote etc. I'm constantly adding new things to the shop.

four piece orange coaster set
four piece orange 4 x 4 coaster set

what is your favorite product in your shop?
This is a hard one! I love all of my stuff and have at least one thing out of my shop that I use every day. Probably my lip balms since I made them out of a need and others found a love for them. I use mine every single day.

fresh linen smelly jelly air freshener
fresh linen smelly jelly air freshener

what is your favorite handmade shop?
Honestly, I can't say I have one. I'm constantly finding new shops that I am loving, there is just such an amazing amount of talent out there :)

three piece gift set
three piece gift set

give us one tip for aspiring handmade artists.
Create what YOU want to create, and what works for you. What you make is a great expression of you - and if you don't love what you do, then what's the point?


i am definitely ordering some of the peppermint lip balm! i am a lip balm fanatic. i keep about 10 in my bedside drawer and four in my purse all.the.time. and of course i chose the orange coasters. gotta represent my cowboys!

the three piece gift set would make a perfect christmas present for that someone who you just have NO CLUE whatsoever to get them! i love kristina's shop - you should definitely check it out and add it to your christmas shopping list!

find kristina here:
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  1. That leaf pressed flower pot is too cute! I love it :)


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